Rescued By A Cat

Rescued By A Cat

LONDON: The ‘meow’ of a pet cat in Britain rescued its 83-year-old owner when her call caught the attention of support staff.

When an old woman leaves home in the Cornwall area of ​​the UK, she wakes up in a spring 70 feet below. His pet cat was also with him who immediately ran to the scene of the accident and went there and started shouting in his own special voice.

When the woman did not return for an hour, neighbors contacted aid agencies. After that, the police started searching for the woman. At one place, they heard the sound of a cat which was not only loud but also had an element of impatience. In this way, the police managed to reach the woman with the sound of a cat named ‘Peran’.

Rescue workers called a helicopter ambulance and the woman was rushed to a hospital where she is out of danger. According to the police administration, the cat helped in tracing the woman. If the old woman had not been identified, it could have had very tragic consequences.

Police have called the cat the hero of the incident and praised his sense of humor.