Relationship Between Myocardial Infarction and Corona

relationship between myocardial infarction and corona

Mucormycosis is a fungal infection caused by different members of the family of fungi called Mucormycetes.

Mildew is found almost everywhere in our environment. You must have noticed their presence on many occasions unknowingly. For example, if there is leftover bread in your house for a few days, the mold on it is called Black Bread Mold in English, while its scientific name is Rhizopus. This rhizopus also belongs to the same mycorrhizal myasthenia gravis family. Now, if these molds start to grow in a person’s body instead of bread, it will be called myocor mycosis, a fungal infection caused by the mycorrhizal myostasis family.

What is myocardial infarction and how does it make a person sick? You may have seen all this information on news channels, newspapers and social media these days, so I don’t intend to go into this detail in today’s blog. My topic today is the relationship between myocorrhizae and corona.

Why is this additional infection increasing in Corona patients and why healthy people are not easy prey for this disease / fungus?

Before you try to answer these questions, I would like to give you a brief outline of the human immune system. Our immune system is made up of two parts, one part of which immediately reacts to any germ and does its best to eliminate it. This part is called Innate Immunity or Innate Immune System and it is passed from parents to their children from generation to generation. This part does not have a record of knowing which germ has entered our body for the first time or the sixth or seventh time. In contrast, the other part of our immune system, called the Acquired Immunity or Acquired Immune System, has the ability to preserve the entire record of germs entering our body. This part begins with zero information at the birth of any human being and the passing of age As well as being responsible for preventing recurrent infections thanks to its record-keeping ability. Vaccines for any disease are prepared with this in mind.

These two parts of our immune system work together to protect our body and prevent any germs, whether inside or outside our body, from becoming infected.

Before we get back to our topic, let’s go a little further and talk about the HIV and AIDS virus. The AIDS virus itself is not fatal, but it weakens its patient’s immune system to such an extent that any mild bacterium can become a deadly infection. This is because the immune system that prevents it has become almost ineffective due to AIDS.

Like the AIDS virus, there are some drugs that temporarily weaken our immune system. It is natural to ask, brother, why do we need to ‘switch off’ our own immune system? So, sir, sometimes the speed of our immune system starts to cause harm to us. Common examples are allergies and medications. During an allergy, our body breaks down something new (which it does not know) thinking it is a germ coming from outside, but since it is not a germ, the damage to our body starts to happen. In this situation, allergy medications are used to temporarily control our scattered immune system so that the patient can get rid of the allergy. In addition to allergies, this type of medicine is also given to organ transplant patients to help their body’s immune system develop a new organ, even if it is a liver.

Now let’s move on to Corona. In Corona patients, sometimes the virus ‘hacks’ our own immune system and starts using it against us, then anti-inflammatory drugs are given to prevent it. Inflammation or simply reduce the performance of the immune system so that the patient is not harmed.

Moving on from the mention of the immune system, AIDS and corona, let’s get back to our topic. Rhizops and other fungi in its family fail to make us sick under normal conditions (healthy) because of our effective immune system. But in Corona, when medicines given to a patient for treatment weaken their immune system, the fungus becomes silver, because the family is on the lookout for an opportunity to know when the immune system has failed. And they can infect the patient. So if you have a corona patient around you, take special care of it and its environment. Because whether it is mycobacterium tuberculosis or any other opportunistic bacterium, it may not even have a chance to reach your patient