Recommended power supplies from 300 to 850 watts

I made this list as an appendix to the table of consumption of video cards . For people who will not overclock the processor and / or video card, are not interested in computer hardware and just want to buy a suitable power supply unit without going into details.

The AMD and Nvidia websites list the recommended system power requirements for each video card model. System – means that the unit of the specified power is enough to power the entire PC configuration, including the video card, motherboard, memory sticks, hard drives, fans, floppy drives, as well as a demanding i7-class processor.

But, you can’t just go to the store and buy any power supply you like, the declared power of which will meet or exceed the recommended, since cheap blocks may not hold the load indicated in the passport specifications. Few people can afford to buy a power supply of a knowingly high class.

I have selected common PSU models of different capacities, which I consider to be a good choice in terms of price and quality ratio. Reviews on authoritative resources and our own tests have shown that these units correspond to the declared characteristics and produce well-stabilized voltages.

The difference between budget and expensive models of the same power is in circuitry, in the quality of electronic components used, in reliability, in noise level, and sometimes in modularity. The surcharge will increase the unit’s service life, comfort and further improve the quality of power supply for PC components. Among expensive PSUs, there are exceptions to this rule – sometimes a less expensive unit can cost less, but occupy a higher position – when it is better, in my opinion.

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The list includes blocks of ATX form factor, length from standard 140 mm to increased 160 mm – these will fit in 99% of PC cases, and the choice of models will be wider.

The number of connectors and the length of the wires are not indicated – when choosing, make sure that you can get them for connection.

If you are planning to overclock, if you are thinking about a possible upgrade, if you are plagued by vague doubts, I strongly advise you to discuss the choice of a power supply in your communicator or on computer forums.

This list is for reference only, does not claim to be the ultimate truth and exhaustive completeness, it will be supplemented and corrected.

In the body of the list and at the end there are links to reviews of some of the power supplies mentioned in the article. Not all – since not every model has been awarded its own review, but the conclusions based on the test results can, to a certain extent, be extended to units of lower and higher power in the same line as the monitored power supply unit.