Rating of the best water filters under the sink

The free space in cabinet furniture in the kitchen is well suited for placing technological equipment. With the help of a thematic review, you can find out which filter to buy for water purification under the sink. Detailed descriptions of the best models are supplemented by owner reviews and expert assessments.

Flow filter or reverse osmosis filter, what to choose for the kitchen?
To determine the best option for equipping a water treatment system, a comprehensive analysis is needed. First, they clarify which water filter to choose under the sink, taking into account the initial composition and concentration of harmful impurities. Based on the results of the laboratory study, the requirements for a suitable treatment technology are determined.

The next step is to calculate the performance. At a low processing speed, which is typical for reverse osmosis membranes , you will have to install a storage tank. If there is not enough free space under the sink, you will have to allocate the necessary space in another part of the cabinet furniture. The economic indicators of the project are considered over a long time interval – up to 4-5 years.

The following items are added to the purchase price:

· delivery;

installation and adjustment;

periodic maintenance.

To correctly assess the complexity of the work performed, you should learn how to change the water filter under the sink.

If the source is highly contaminated, you will need to install new cartridges frequently. Such conditions significantly increase the associated costs, so experts advise including washable working units in the cleaning system.

Rating of the best filters for water purification under the sink
A study of thematic data published on the Internet allows you to determine with high accuracy the top best water filters for under the sink.

Aquaphor Morion
In this product series, the manufacturer offers improved reverse osmosis systems. The main feature is the placement of all functional units on a common power frame along with a storage tank. The compact design makes it easy to install the water filter under the sink.

Flowing drinking filter Aquaphor DWM-101S Morion 14 999 *
Aquaphor Morion sink water filter

The Morion system in the maximum configuration is more expensive than analogues. However, the increase in price is offset by good technical characteristics:

· the storage tank was created according to the “water-to-water” scheme, which allows saving up to 9000 liters of water in 12 months;

Complete set with a productive membrane provides accelerated processing;

The pump raises the pressure to the operating level at low inlet pressure;

· Built-in electronic control system performs automatic flushing and alerts the user when new cartridges need to be installed.

For example, you can consider in detail the parameters of the filter under the sink for drinking water Aquaphor DWM-102S (without pump):

· Overall dimensions (Width x Height x Depth) – 371 x 420 x 190 mm;

Inlet pressure (min. / max.) – 2 / 6.5 atm;

Productivity – up to 15.6 l / h.

The minimum pressure of tap water at the inlet is recommended to be set taking into account the degree of mineralization of the incoming liquid. With a hardness of 4 ° W – not less than 2.5 atm. The exact data for other values ​​is given in the accompanying documentation.

Replaceable modules are installed without special tools. Fixation in the working position is provided by a knot with a lock button. Only branded cartridges are suitable for the system.

Aquaris 1000
For the kitchen, you can buy a water filter under the sink with high performance – up to 1000 l / h. This will exclude the storage tank and connecting pipes from the cleaning scheme. The Aquaris hollow fiber membrane provides a high level of filtration (0.01 µm), which is suitable for retaining bacteria, heavy metals, and other harmful and dangerous impurities.

Model of the hollow fiber filter under the sink Aquaris 1000

A feature of the membranes of this brand is the ability to remove retained contaminants by flushing. The procedure is performed manually through a special pipe in the body without disassembling the structure. A typical plug-in module is designed to handle up to 500,000 liters of liquid or a service life of up to 48 months.

Barrier Expert
A three-stage filtration scheme with a capacity of up to 120 l / h can be reproduced using cartridges.

Flow-through drinking filter Barrier Expert Standard 5 099 *
The Expert series offers the following kit:

Ferrostop – removes dissolved iron and related impurities;

Mitigation – blocks the formation of scale;

· Postkarbon – retains residual chlorine, eliminates unpleasant tastes and odors.

Flow-through drinking filter Barrier Expert Standard
5099 *
Flow-through drinking filter Barrier PROFI Complex
5 150 *
Flow-through drinking filter Barrier Expert Ultra
5 299 *
Sink filter Barrier Expert

The accompanying documentation indicates a total resource of 10 thousand liters. However, this parameter depends on the concentration and composition of impurities at the inlet. At a hardness level of 3°F or more, the specialized softening module is able to process no more than 500 liters of liquid before replacement.

Geyser Prestige
Even a cheap reverse osmosis system provides a high level of filtration, so it is suitable for finishing drinking water.

Flowing drinking filter Geyser Prestige 10 799 *
This category includes the Geyser Prestige kit, assembled according to the standard scheme:

· three replaceable modules for preliminary cleaning;

semi-permeable membrane (8.3 l/hour);

storage water-air tank (12 l);

post-filter with activated carbon.

Water filter Geyser Prestige

Flow-through drinking filter Geyser 3K Lux
3 899 *
Flow-through drinking filter Geyser Standard
3 899 *
Flow filter Geyser Classic for ferruginous water
3 999 *
In the brand catalog there are models with a mineralizer and a pump. Installations in the basic equipment operate efficiently at a line pressure of at least 3 atm.

New Water EU300
With a relatively small contamination of the source, you can buy a filter for the kitchen under the sink from 3 cartridges:

1. mechanical cleaning 5 microns;

2. cation resin for softening;

3. loading with activated carbon granules.

Flowing drinking filter New Water EU300
2999 *
Flowing drinking filter Novaya Voda M300
3499 *
Flowing drinking filter New Water EU310
4 999 *
Flowing drinking filter Novaya Voda M310
5499 *
Flowing drinking filter Novaya Voda Praktic EU312
6 199 *
Sink and sink filter New Water EU300 (reverse osmosis system)

The EU300 kit included a faucet for purified water, connecting pipes, and other parts for independently connecting equipment. The manufacturer guarantees the integrity of the structure with water hammer up to 28 atmospheres. The first flask is made of transparent plastic in order to simplify the visual control of contamination of the corresponding module.

This model is designed for Slim Line 10”, so to reduce costs during operation, it is acceptable to install cheap cartridges from other brands.

How to install and change the filter under the sink?
The process of installing a water filter under the sink is described in the instruction manual. According to the standard scheme, the following actions are performed:

Shut off the water supply

install a cleaning system under the sink;

connect the working modules with flexible hoses to the water supply system and to the drain into the sewer;

open the locking device in the line;

check the functional state of the equipment, eliminate the detected leaks.

The accompanying documentation has information on how to change cartridges. The typical algorithm is corrected taking into account the actual contamination of the liquid in the supply line.

Which is better to buy for drinking water?
Laboratory analysis will show the level of purification required to remove harmful impurities. At a low concentration of contaminants, a set of several cartridges is installed. For ultrafine filtration, choose a hollow fiber membrane or a reverse osmosis system. The performance of the selected equipment can be clarified by a second check of the output samples after processing.

User Reviews
Consider the reviews of ordinary users:

Sergey, 36 years old, Nizhny Novgorod:

I put cartridge flow filters under the sink for hard water. As it turned out during operation, new modules with a contamination level of 6.5 mg-eq/l must be changed every week. This mode of maintenance is not only too expensive. It is required to have a stock of modules at home, regularly perform routine maintenance. I am looking for another option for equipment to eliminate unnecessary costs.

Nikolai, 23 years old, Saransk:

We have been using the cheapest reverse osmosis system in a new apartment for 2 years. The pressure in the line is high enough, so a pump is not required. I change the cartridges according to the schedule – I made the appropriate reminders in the Smartphone Calendar. I see no point in purchasing a more expensive kit. To restore the taste and healthy composition of water, a mineralizer was added to the standard kit.

Stepan, 41 years old, Voronezh:

On the advice of experts, I installed a coarse filter complete with Aquaris. Checking the sample at the outlet of this system confirmed the absence of harmful impurities. I think that such a solution is more convenient and more profitable than reverse osmosis. I clean the contaminated module by washing for 5 minutes. No need to buy new cartridges often.

Issue price
You can buy a filter under the sink for drinking water without intermediary margins in the manufacturer’s sales department. When choosing a specific set of equipment on the company’s website, a delivery calculation is offered. Additional costs for installation and configuration should be taken into account in order to correctly understand the amount of funding for the corresponding project.

The price of water filters on the CSN website

Prices for water filters for washing can be seen on the official website of the DNS company. There is a large selection of filters, as well as accessories for them. Always low price and all sorts of discounts and promotions.

Conclusions and recommendations
The most productive reverse osmosis systems purify no more than 16 liters of water per hour. This speed is not enough for main processing, so a storage tank is added to the system. The main operating unit cannot be cleaned by flushing. To protect the semi-permeable membrane from rapid clogging, careful pre-filtration is required, which is carried out using 3 specialized cartridges.