Rare Seabirds Flee In Panic After Drone Crash

Rare Seabirds Flee In Panic After Drone Crash

CALIFORNIA: Extremely sensitive and endangered sea urchins have stopped flying to their habitat and have not returned.

The rarest elegant turn comes to lay eggs every year at the Bolsa Chika Ecological Park in California. This beautiful bird is a type of sea urchin. Although it has the status of a complete ecological park because it is a very sensitive bird. Drones are also banned from flying here, but a drone crashed here in May, leaving not only the birds missing, but also 1,500 to 2,000 eggs, which are now completely lost. Experts have seen one egg in distress, but none have signs of life.

These birds come here for their breeding after a long journey, but they have migrated from here for fear of drones, forgetting their breeding season. “We’ve never seen such a catastrophe in our lives because it’s going to be so difficult to repair,” said Dr. Melissa Loebel, the site’s administrator and environmentalist.

After the drone crash on May 12, 3,000 birds flew here and laid hundreds of eggs that have lost their lives. According to Dr. Melissa, these birds are very sensitive and shy. But his whereabouts could not be ascertained after the flight.

According to experts, the reason for such fear in elegant tail birds has not been known yet. It should be noted that this is one of the rarest birds whose natural habitat is rapidly being destroyed.

On the other hand, the ownership of the drone and the real culprit of this incident have not been determined yet.