Rakhi Sawant Kamal R Khan

Rakhi Sawant Kamal R Khan

MUMBAI: Indian film analyst Kamal R Khan alias KRK has come under fire for tweeting against Bollywood actress Rakhi Sawant Salomian and criticizing her films.

Kamal R. Khan has released the film “Radha” to be released on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr. “Your Most Wanted Brother” in which he used harsh language against Salman Khan and his film and also criticized his caste.

KRK had not only made a video against Salman Khan but also several tweets and videos of KRK to tarnish the reputation of the domineering Bollywood actor. In addition, KRK had termed Salman Khan’s foundation “Bang Human” as a fraud.
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Recently, Rakhi Sawant has sharply criticized KRK for tweeting against Salman Khan and criticizing him. Speaking to an Indian website, Rakhi Sawant said that Salman Khan is like a godfather to me. He helped me in difficult times and treated my mother which was very expensive and the entire cost of treatment was borne by Salman Khan.

When Rakhi Sawant was asked about the Salman Khan and KRK controversy, he angrily called KRK a liar and said that he only criticizes KRK people and the devil lives inside. KRK also lies to people about himself.

Rakhi Sawant appealed to all people not to believe anything that KRK tells lies about Salman Khan. Because he can’t make a film himself and when other people make a film with money and hard work, he speaks badly about his film and this is very wrong.

Rakhi Sawant said that Salman Khan’s foundation helps the poor a lot. I don’t know how many poor girls have been married off by this foundation and in the code crisis, Salman Khan has helped all the people including the cameraman and the spot boy.