Protein Reduce Weight

Protein Reduce Weight

Pennsylvania: American scientists have discovered a protein called ‘TSLP’ that helps in weight loss by removing fat from the body through sweat.

A team of experts at the University of Pennsylvania is conducting research on the treatment of diabetes by studying a protein in the immune system called ‘thymic stromal lymphocyte’ (TSLP).

By the way, TSLP has been linked to asthma and various allergies, but some recent research has shown that this protein also regulates the body’s energy use, ie metabolism.
This led to the idea that this protein may also help in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. To test this hypothesis, Dr. Tako Kambayashi and his colleagues began further research.

While this study on mice confirmed that TSLP actually helps reduce the severity of type 2 diabetes by controlling blood sugar levels, it also unexpectedly revealed that this protein is the same as sweat. I also excrete fat which reduces weight and obesity.

In the experiments, which lasted about two months, the mice that were given high doses of TSLP protein lost 30 percent more weight than the other mice, despite consuming a higher diet.

The main thing was that the body of the rats was excreting fat in the sweat, which was a significant help in weight loss.

It should be noted that in children from adolescence to adolescence, between the ages of 10 and 19, changes in body hormones cause excessive release of fat along with sweat, which sometimes causes acne on the face. Also becomes

According to Dr. Kambayashi, this is the first time that a protein belonging to the immune system has been found to cause fat excretion in sweat.

However, they also point out that there is still a long way to go before TSLP can lead to formal treatment for obesity or diabetes because of the negative effects of high levels of this protein in the body.

Dr. Kambayashi is now conducting further research to understand the practical mechanism of TSLP in controlling obesity and diabetes and to move towards a new drug or treatment that is effective as well as minimal side effects. Also have side effects.

Note: This research is published online in the latest issue of the research journal “Science.