Popular VR games for Android

Virtual reality games are the next step in the evolution of video games. And only a blind man can deny it. Yes, modern VR headsets are often expensive and require a powerful PC, which currently hinders the development and diffusion of technology. But in the near future this will change and a VR headset will become as commonplace as a smartphone in your pocket.

However, you can always plunge into virtual worlds using the aforementioned Android smartphone and inexpensive mobile VR glasses .

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You need to understand that the difference between mobile VR gaming and games on full VR headsets (HTC Vive, Oculus Quest, Windows Mixed Reality, etc.) is very significant. It’s like the difference between playing on PS1 and PS5. However, you will still get a general idea of ​​virtual reality. And then you can decide whether to consider purchasing more serious VR headsets.

So, here’s a list of the best VR games. Most of them are available on almost any android smartphone equipped with a gyroscope. However, some of the games will only launch on smartphones with Daydream VR support.

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Daydream VR is a virtual reality platform from Google. Daydream games are better than regular VR games for Android (both gameplay and graphically), but not all smartphones are supported. The platform is currently closed, but the remaining applications can still be played with a suitable smartphone.

The best VR games for most Android devices
VR Fantasy

An almost complete RPG in virtual reality. Armed with a sword, magic staff and ax, you will explore a cute dungeon inhabited by spiders, carnivorous plants, cute jelly-like monsters, and more. There are no character leveling systems in VR Fantasy, and there are no quests as such. But there is a boss fight and a lot of good gaming graphics experience. It’s just a pity that the game is very short.

VR Temple Roller Coaster

Roller coaster in virtual reality with a bunch of different locations. Abandoned temples, dark caves, ocean depths. There is only lack of interactivity – you will just watch what is happening.

Ping pong VR

One of the best virtual table tennis games for android. Convenient controls, the ability to play both online and offline, as well as support for VicoVR Full Body Motion Controllers allow you to immerse yourself in VR even deeper.

Hardcode (VR Game)

The best VR third-person shooter on smartphones. A variety of shooting modes, a single player campaign (many levels of puzzles where you have to run, jump and fight bots), support for online mode (deathmatch, capture the flag, etc.) and excellent graphics just make you forget that Hardcode is a representative of mobile VR.

VR Wrong Voyage for Cardboard

An addicting adventure game that will take you to an unknown world with strange architecture. Solving simple puzzles with a blaster, you have to reveal all the secrets of this world.


VR Galaxy Wars

An arcade shooter in the spirit of Star Wars that takes you to the heart of intergalactic battles. Using the turret, destroy enemy ships, preventing them from inflicting critical damage to your starship. And in between shots, enjoy the mesmerizing landscapes of outer space.

Racing VR X-Racer: Sonic 3d Aero Racing

Sci-fi racing with minimal graphics and simple yet addicting gameplay. We dodge obstacles and collect various bonuses to unlock new ships.

Gravity Pull – VR Puzzle Game

One of the best VR puzzle games, copying the ideas of the famous Portal. Use your wit and gravity to solve interesting puzzles, unlocking new levels (there are 16 of them in Gravity Pull).

Haunted Rooms: Escape VR Game

Adventure puzzle with horror elements. Once in a mysterious abandoned mansion, try to get out of it by solving puzzles, collecting objects and communicating with otherworldly forces.

House of Terror VR

A virtual reality horror game that will make your knees tremble. Another mansion, but more dangerous. There are tons of puzzles, depressing gloomy graphics, and local monsters are much worse than the ghosts from Haunted Rooms.

InMind VR

An exciting arcade game with elements of an educational game, which is a roller coaster inside the human mind. Explore the intricacies of neurons wrapped in stylish graphics and a pleasing soundtrack.

VR Noir

Do you want to become a detective? In the virtual world, it’s as easy as shelling pears. Investigate a crime, search for clues and enjoy high-quality graphics and cinematic cutscenes. There is no Russification in the game, so without a minimum knowledge of English it will be at least not so interesting to play.

Hidden Temple – VR Adventure

Quite short, but no less addictive adventure game with very nice graphics. While exploring an abandoned temple, you are trapped inside. Can you bypass all the traps and solve all the puzzles to get out of there alive?

End space

Juicy (graphically) and dynamic action game where, controlling a spaceship, you will turn your opponents into dust with lasers and missiles. Fight the rebels, complete challenging missions, earn credits and upgrade your very own fighter.

Quake for Cardboard

A full-fledged port of the legendary shooter. Explore gloomy levels, destroy aliens, find more powerful weapons. And when you get bored, fight other players in multiplayer.

BombSquad VR

An explosive action game that will remind many of the childhood game – Bomberman! Fight bots in campaign mode, destroying them with bombs, pounding them with your hands and using various boosters to blow up enemies. Or plunge into fun frenzy with friends, both in Classic Mode, Capture the Flag or Bomb Hockey!

Mekorama VR

A fascinating 3D puzzle in which you have to help a funny robot go through difficult (and not so) levels, which are abundant in the game.

Jurassic VR – Dinos for Cardboard Virtual Reality

Meet dinosaurs in virtual reality! They won’t let you shoot here, but just wandering around different locations, watching prehistoric monsters is also good fun.

VR Horror Asylum

A horror movie that will take you to an abandoned mental hospital – a favorite place for all horror movie writers. A gloomy, oppressive atmosphere, surround sound, frightening monsters and challenging puzzles await you.

Perfect Angle: Zen edition VR

A unique puzzle game based on optical illusions. Examine the scattered parts of different objects, trying to find the perfect angle of view that will allow you to see the whole object.

Dino VR Shooter

Ever dreamed of visiting Jurassic Park? Dino VR Shooter will make your dream come true. True, do not expect harmless diplodocus here: carnivorous lizards are more likely to meet you. And to give them a decent welcome, you will have 5 types of weapons.

Way out vr

Another puzzle inspired by Portal. Solve the tasks before you with the help of the gravity cannon, unlock new levels and get out of the mysterious laboratory.

Killer Abducted FPS

Exciting shooter in the spirit of Doom. Once on the alien ship, fight the monsters inhabiting it, find all the alien skulls and try to leave this lost place.

Zombiestan VR

An action-packed first-person shooter for those who like to shoot zombies. Four different game levels, several types of weapons and hundreds of zombies. You will have fun!

Whispering Eons # 0

A cyberpunk sci-fi game that takes about an hour to complete (which is pretty good by mobile VR standards). Solve puzzles, interact with playable characters, and enjoy graphics and soundtracks that remind you of the Blade Runner style.

Apnea VR

One of the best VR adventure games to explore the underwater depths. Find a sunken submarine and deliver valuable cargo to the surface. But try not to attract the attention of the sharks that swarm this area of ​​the Atlantic Ocean.

Trail World VR Virtual Reality

An extraordinary adventure in a large virtual world. Fly on an airplane, ride a roller coaster, fish and simply explore the space around you in search of characters and secrets.

Voxel Fly VR

An arcade game with stylish voxel graphics in which, controlling various paper “airplanes”, you will fly forward through an unusual maze, destroying your enemies with all weapons. Or compete with them in bloodless races – there are many different modes in the game.


As a child, did you dream of being in a magical amusement park? Wonderglade will take you to one of them. Here you will find many games, such as: minigolf, intergalactic basketball, firefighter, etc. And tickets earned in the process can be spent on unlocking additional content.

Sinister edge

One of the most atmospheric VR horror games on smartphones. Explore the abandoned mansion, solve numerous puzzles and do not forget: evil is constantly watching you.

Flats VR

A first-person shooter in a minimalist style that will delight you both single player and multiplayer. Various modes: Death Match, Death Match Team, Capture the Flag, and Zombie Mode – will not let you get bored.

Smash hit

An incredibly addictive arcade game in which all you need is to break glass barriers with steel balls. Sounds simple, but it doesn’t make the game any worse.

Minecraft VR

The legendary game is now in virtual reality. Crafting, gathering and building, as well as fighting monsters can be infinitely long. Unfortunately, you can start the game only after reading a bunch of guides and “dancing with a tambourine.”

Daydream games
Battle Planet VR

Action-shooter with roguelike elements , the action of which will unfold literally on the surface of various unknown planets. Destroy waves of enemies, use new weapons and get ready to meet the Bosses.

Along together

An exciting adventure with bright juicy graphics that will appeal to both adults and children. Travel through bizarre worlds, look for hidden secrets and treasures, solve puzzles and just enjoy the gameplay.

Proton Pulse (Daydream, but you can find a version for a regular android)

Representative of the rare first-person arkanoid genre in virtual reality. Bright neon graphics, dynamic gameplay, music to match the gameplay – it’s really hard to tear yourself away from Proton Pulse.

Twilight pioneers

The best first-person action RPG with gorgeous graphics, stylish levels and epic battles on the Daydream platform. Fight demons, improve the skills of the main character and stop ancient evil.

The arcslinger

Exciting western style shooter. Travel to the wild west and fight hundreds of bandits in 15 different locations.

Virtual virtual reality

Award winning adventure game. Inside virtual reality, immerse yourself in another virtual reality. And try to save humanity from a deadly virtual virus.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

The game, which became popular even before being transferred to VR, where, by the way, it looks much cooler. Your task is to defuse the bomb in virtual reality. And how to do this, your friend, sitting next to you and reading the instructions, will explain to you. Procedural bomb generation (they will all be different) and a ticking clock, the fast counting of which causes panic, will give you a lot of unrestrained fun!