Plant Trees Save Lives

Plant Trees Save Lives

The month of June has begun and we cannot stand for a few moments in the scorching sun. The temperature is so high that it is unbearable. But never mind! Turn your AC temperature to 26 and breathe a sigh of relief.

The temperature is relatively lower in rural areas than in cities. This is because at present the traffic flow in the villages is not the same as in the big cities. The noise of traffic, the smoke of transport, which is not counted in our country, is swallowing thousands of lives every year. On top of that, we have made it a business to build residential colonies on agricultural land for new housing projects. There is no law or code of conduct in our country under which if green lands are converted into residential areas, greenery can be planted almost anywhere in the same area. Why talk about someone, Pakistan is an agricultural country. But even this agriculture is becoming limited to paperwork. If you can’t believe it, while traveling from your city to any other city, see that there is a chance on the side of the road that there is a fruitful and shady tree.

There are no fruitful, shady trees along the roads. Trees have disappeared in our residential areas. They are also giving the remaining water to this enemy, which has no shade or fruit, only for decoration. In these circumstances, who can hope that every empty space will look green.
The heat has intensified in Pakistan. This is largely due to the rarity of forests in the country, the tendency not to plant trees and the individual’s sense of irresponsibility. It is a fact that we are not tolerating the heat, in the next ten years our future generations will be tormented by the heat at our own hands. And no one can stop it. Do as many talk shows as you like. Play treacherous traitors with each other as much as you want. But the truth is that I, you and the whole country, are betraying myself. We are proud of the ascension of indifference. No one can stop us from burning and dying of thirst. India has built a dam on our waters and put our country on the path of desertification.

We must try to understand today, now and then that trees are very important to us and the environment. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. It is not to be expected that the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Forests and the Department of Irrigation will come up with a joint plan that the government can implement to address this problem. It should not be expected that any of the rulers can be humane and humane who can try to make the presence of trees and plants along all the roadsides at the provincial level. Because they have the facility to keep the room temperature low which is not available to every citizen.

It should not be expected that any such action will be taken at the federal level. That is not possible. The reason for this is that not every minister, advisor and strategist can be seen beyond the veil spread under his feet. And there is no hope of taking the game beyond “So thief, I’m a soldier”. Therefore, people are requested to plant trees around their homes with their help. Only those who live on the side of the road can save this nation from being burnt to death by planting trees and plants along the roadsides. These are the ones that can save the lives of the majority.