PK “Uranovy Reactor” is the dream of a boyar’s PC or which one to assemble by a custom SVO

Hey! I have long wanted to write my review about the history of the PC of dreams. I even made a video about 2 years ago, but I never published it anywhere, but now I gathered my thoughts, because I decided to do another project. Why is it so pretentious? It’s simple. My PC has already been seen by more than 250 thousand people on YouTube in Brigman’s video

Then I chose the components for a long time and I don’t see much point in repeating them, because in the brigman’s video everything is told about this, and what’s the point of talking about the components of 2017 in 2021?) In this article, I would like to share, first of all, my experience of collecting and operating a custom SVO in PC components. And in 4 years there is something to tell;)

First of all, by default, the PC was installed in the factory SVO. Dipkul captain, who walked along with the Dipkul Genome corps and 1080 TI Sea Hawk, on which the Korsarovskoe SVO was stationed from the factory. So, with the cost of the series 20% more expensive than the usual air cooling, the Korsarovskoe SVO ordered to live a long time in a year. No, of course this svo is good and worked properly, but somewhere or somehow a little coolant evaporated from it and the cooling efficiency dropped significantly. The video card in games began to warm up from 65 initial to 85 degrees, and somewhere up to 88. Of course, such an alignment did not suit, but taking into account the fact that this series actually had a water block on a chip, and the turbine only cooled the memory, then there could be no talk of any replacement for turntables. I had a choice – to buy a complete air cooling unit with a radiator or install a custom CBO.

We had to temporarily dismantle the video card from the CBO and install the air vent while all the components were being purchased. And here I will tell you in more detail what a custom CBO consists of.

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We need:

1) Radiator, preferably 140mm – for two fans, respectively, there are also two fans;)

2) two meters of tubes

3) fittings, pipe connectors with everything else – 4 for the radiator, 4 for the tank, 4 for the water block – 12.

4) The reservoir is where the water flaunts;)

5) Waterblock – actually into what the video card falls into;)

With a custom waterblock –

6) Liquid. I took a branded one. Yes, many will say that the usual distilled standards, but I came across not very high quality, because for some reason in a couple of weeks a flora of algae appeared in the water block :))) Although okay, the branded one turned out to be so-so, after all, I took it with a pearlescent property. Not well, it looked gorgeous for a month, and then the mother of pearl was a donkey and that’s it. Many people complain that the liquid can even react and change color or oxidize.

I speak right away. Putting acrylic tubes at home is like that. They are very capricious, plus they need to be warmed up, bent and will surely burst a dozen while you fill your hand. For the first assembly, it is better to take the usual soft ones. They are easy to install, loyal to mistakes, they can always be cut or repositioned right in the PC. With rigid pipes you have to be a jeweler, otherwise this is obvious.

So for the assembly, first we fix the radiator on the system unit, the turntables on it, then the reservoir. We remove the old cooling from the video card and gently put on the water block. Then we spread the tubes and connect the water block to the SVO system. Pour the liquid into the reservoir using a special bottle with a long antennae-like nozzle, or on the edge from a syringe. When the tank is full, we turn on the PC so that the CBO begins to drive the liquid through itself and gradually pour a new one into the tank. We close the end with a cork and that’s it. 😉

1) The fact that CBO is unreliable is a myth. Yes, of course, I was not lucky with the factory SVO on the VC, but this is IMHO a marriage. For 4 years, the processor CBO, ideally. Custom never failed. There are moments in terms of moodiness. The water can dry out. Liquid to disintegrate. When choosing a liquid, I looked at the beauty. I took it with a puruprny effect and all this effect after a month settled in the water block. I believe that such liquids are needed only for stands. Practicality is not enough. Take transparent. It is also important that if you take a factory SVO, look to be able to service. In my case, a disaster struck with an unattended NWO. The water dried up and when I tried to add it, the tightness was lost and I was never able to reanimate this SVO.

And yes, for servicing the CBO, washing, wiping, and for all the microcircuits in the PC there is a wonderful thing that few people know about and is worth a penny – isopropyl alcohol. Unlike water or any kind of lotion, it will never make KZ, because it quickly evaporates –

2) The cost of assembling a custom CBO is simply cosmic. I collected the SVO for 20k, when the VC was already with the SVO 55k. Now, of course, video cards are 3 times more expensive and there won’t be such a difference, but for the same money, you can somehow beat the design more interestingly or buy something that is useful for PC performance. Taking a video card with a water block is an even more expensive solution. If a custom waterblock can be found for 10 thousand, then the factory version costs 2-3 times more and it is far from the fact that it will be of better quality than the famous brands of custom CBO, and the design is not always successful.

3) The complexity of assembling a custom CBO, namely, finding all the necessary components. We are talking about beauty, so details are important here, and as a rule, a set of all the necessary parts is extremely difficult to find in one store. There are of course ready-made kits, but they are even more expensive. I saved and bought most of it on Alliexpress, and the Russian Post was never very mobile, so I waited for some fittings, I remember the month when everything else was in place, and I did not wait for the plug for the tank at all and lived without it for a while, then of course it came …

4) Will I build custom SVOs in a new PC project? No. Let me explain why. CBO is beautiful – no doubt, but this beauty is simply fabulous money. There is little practical efficiency from it, since modern iron has a low TDP. There is simply nothing to cool the SVO now, and the money that can be saved is better spent on a top case or other modding. The only thing I would spend money on is a beautiful ready-made CBO for a processor. Tower coolers look extremely shabby in modern modding assemblies, and the design of air-cooled video cards, on the contrary, has become much more beautiful than 2017.

In conclusion, a few more photos of the Uranium reactor;)

And here is my video report on the installation of the SVO. This is the first resource, where I made a link to it, because I shot it amateurishly, and you can’t upload it to my YouTube channel either. it is dedicated to reviews of PC games in a medieval setting, mostly MMORPGs, come on;)