Petrol bomb: Why target the people? Even the rulers should offer sacrifices

When the word “bomb” was used in a channel or newspaper for a slight increase in the price of petroleum products, it seemed as if the editor was exaggerating. While the Patrol has crossed the double century and saved the lives of the people, it would not be out of place to say that “the government has really dropped the petrol bomb”.

The bomb has killed the hopes of the poor and the people of the middle class. The driver is on a motorcycle, the motorcyclist is riding a bicycle and is thinking of sitting at home on foot. However, as long as the relationship between body and soul is established, in order to extinguish the fire of the stomach, in order to sprinkle blood and sweat on the fire of inflation, some hands and feet have to be killed and as long as the courageous people will continue to kill. But a few questions will have to be asked of the former rulers who enjoy power and the rich leaders of the ruling parties.

It is believed that under the agreement with the IMF, it was necessary to run this knife on the necks of the people. According to you, you understand the suffering of the people and are making these difficult decisions for them. Public service is your policy and living and dying is in Pakistan. With so much pain, if you have come to power, then instead of squeezing more blood of this mob, do something or other. If you really want to do something, then do Bismillah, not with the people but with yourself. If you start this yourself then the big industrialists, factory owners, the rich class will surely follow your example. But since the slogans and claims are yours, you become the leader, then you have to pay the price first.
First of all, all the members of the assembly should refuse to accept the salary from the government treasury voluntarily. As a Member of Parliament, I apologize for all the concessions I have received from the exchequer. Do not take protocol in the name of security and arrange personal security by returning the personnel to the security agencies. Attend National and Provincial Assemblies, Senate sessions and other meetings but do not spend a single rupee from the government. Abandon unnecessary foreign trips, which have to be done from the government treasury, and fulfill your duty by forming a short delegation where necessary. Stop using AC in government offices and stop wasting money on newspapers, TV channels and social media for personal promotion.

After dropping petrol bombs, Muftah Ismail who was saying that he is still giving a subsidy of Rs. 8, is requested to leave this subsidy and make petrol more expensive. Close immediately from the government treasury.

Leaders of all parties including PTI, PML-N, PPP, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam and PML-Q should set up free dinner in their respective areas. Deliver rations to homes. Owners of private housing societies should bear the expenses of low-income people in their respective societies. Owners of private schools should halve children’s fees and start giving 50% discount on private hospital treatment costs. In addition, senior government officials can voluntarily cut their salaries until inflation eases.

Turn slogans into reality and for real change, start the change with yourself. If this is a dream come true then we will be convinced that you really understand the plight of the people and are ready to do something for them. Otherwise, a tweet attributed to Wasatullah Khan makes the whole scene clear:
“The common man is riding the donkey of the elite, on whose forehead the carrot of golden future is hung in such a way that the donkey thinks that it is just a matter of teeth.” She was caught and then she came. This donkey has been running on the expectation of the same carrot for centuries and the rider is the same from generation to generation.