Persecution of Sandik project employees

Sandak is a rural area in Chaghi District of Balochistan. Sandik’s fame is due to the discovery of large deposits of gold and copper.

In Balochi language, Sandik (Sian-Dak) means Black Mountain. A Chinese company is working in Sandik to search for minerals. North Korean President Kim Jong Un is known around the world for his tough laws and punishments, but nowadays Sandik is no less than North Korea and those who run the system here are less Kim Jong Un than tyrants. Will not be

Most of the lower class employees of the Sandik project are from Chaghi district. He is the real owner of these minerals but his children’s hunger and the cold stoves in the house have forced him to become the slave of the owners in this project.
For the past two years, employees at Sandik have been subjected to mental torture in the name of Corona. According to the information, in order to prevent the spread of Corona virus, the employees are locked in a room like a call room in the name of quarantine in a remote desert for one month. Employees do not go home for months or even years for fear of quarantine. Not so in the North Korean military.

In the last few days, some cases of Corona virus have been positive in Sandik and the Sandik project has been locked down. Employees were tested by confining them to rooms. Most of the employees got throat infection due to repeated throat samples. Employees who are tired of the test and want to go home get the same answer “resign and go home”. So that he may die of hunger and poverty. Similarly, in North Korea, a soldier is shot if he wants to leave.

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Sendik employees are compelled and helpless people who cannot even raise their voice for their rights. Some time ago, employees raised their voices for their rights, later it was learned that they were fired. In North Korea, a citizen is hanged if he opposes Kim Jong Un’s laws or fights for his rights. The same law applies in the syndicate that if any employee raises his voice for his rights, he is shown the way home, which is no less than death for the poor working class. The body began to tremble when it came to information about the security system regarding Corona in the Sandik project. The information revealed that if the corona test is positive once in 21 days, it is quarantined in a cramped room in a desert and imprisoned in the name of quarantine until the test is cleared. Is done And by increasing the quarantine period, the employees were also quarantined for two months Is. The question is, who invented this two-month quarantine? And because of the slow internet service in the quarantine centers, communication outside is also difficult. In these circumstances one can remain compelled and helpless. The unwarranted detention of these forced employees is a violation of basic human rights and there is no one to ask. Under these circumstances, it appears that the corona virus has only attacked Sandik.

It should be noted that Sandrick’s employees have also received two Corona vaccines and a booster dose. If there is still a risk of corona virus, it casts doubt on the vaccination process and the WHO’s investigation into the vaccination. The Sandik administration’s anti-coronation laws are tantamount to mental torture of employees. The worry is that there is no one to complain.

Some Sandik employees, despite being residents, cannot return home in the evening. Last week, residents protested and the company’s management negotiated. The demands of the protesters were met and a relaxation of Corona policy was announced. Now the news is coming that the weekly corona test of the employees in the company will be resumed and the employees returning from home will be quarantined again.

In any case, Balochistan gets as much as the salt in the share of Sandak flour. These are the jobs of the lower class for the rich. Now whether this oppression is done by the owner of the company or our Muslim brothers, oppression is happening and those who are silent spectators because of their political affiliation or dollar should not forget to remain silent with the oppressor even in the face of oppression. Equivalent to partnership.

Mineral-rich districts like Chaghi and Rekodak have not given a shit to the people, now these lower class jobs are also losing them.