Perfectionist Ecstasy: A Selection Of The Most Enjoyable Tools To Work

For complete happiness, almost every hand needs that cool machine, some very special tool and a super-sophisticated screwdriver that he saw in a video on YouTube. In this collection, we are looking for the most enjoyable and necessary tools to feel like a super cool master.

The workplace begins with a workbench . You can work on your knee, saw on a stool or kitchen table, but one workbench will make life much easier and make your work more enjoyable. Moreover, there are a lot of types of workbenches now. For cuts, specialized sawing tables are useful, where you can securely fix the workpiece.

There are also multifunctional tables. For example, they might be suitable for: The accessories can be fixed through the holes in the table top with a clamp or on the end rails. Most models are foldable and lightweight – easy to transport and store.

For comfortable work, you need to securely fix the workpiece on the table – this is convenient for work, safe for you and the tool. Clips can help with this. What’s nice about that, you ask? Just watch this video:

Clamps are different. A vise is good for sawing and grinding ends. Thanks to the perforated holes in the table, horizontal or vertical clamps can be used. They will come in handy for the same sawing, milling, drilling and other operations.

When assembling wood or metal structures, corner clamps are convenient. They are useful for gluing, creating anchor points or assembling ready-made structures, and are indispensable for furniture makers. In most cases, corner clamps support almost all possible connection types.
















Cut seven times, and then take a new workpiece and still measure it properly. It is necessary to do the markup, but it is long, tedious and not always accurate. Therefore, the marking tool is an indispensable piece for comfortable work. Squares, corner rulers, protractors and more – stock up on everyone.

There are also more sophisticated devices for specific, narrow-profile jobs. For example, a stair template from Wolfcraft will ecstasy for those working on stairs. This marker accurately calculates the parameters of any steps, including radial and different angles.

For work around the house and outside, a line laser comes in handy . It can project a point or lines in one or more planes – it is convenient for construction, repair, when working on a large area.

Swap out a hand tool for a machine tool and you will experience fifty shades of work pleasure. For example, instead of manually cutting the tenon joint, there is an automatic tenon cutter. Just look at how beautifully she does everything:

Or here is the Lamello Zeta P2 manual lamellar router. It can be used as a classic router, or it can be used to cut perfectly even, clear grooves.

The circular saw is indispensable for many craftsmen. But she perfectly knows how to saw not only wood and metal, but, for example, your fingers. On the TKS 80 EBS 20 from Festool, the disc stops 5 ms after contact with the skin. Thus, accidental contact with the disc will only result in a scratch instead of injury. Sheer delight and safety.

Miter box . A simple piece for cutting at the right angle. Nothing fancy about the design, but +100 to the accuracy of your parts.
Furniture conductor. Stop assembling furniture for self-tapping screws and spoil its appearance. The furniture jig helps create neat and hidden fixing holes for furniture. + 100 to the accuracy, professionalism and coolness of your products.
Renovator . Just read our article about him and you yourself will understand everything. It’s a grinder, jigsaw, grinder, drill, chisel and a bunch of everything else in one device!
Renovator RedVerg RD-MT350
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Cleaning is the most hated process. A broom or a regular vacuum cleaner is boring and certainly unpleasant. But the dust extractor is a real thrill for those who have a lot of wood chips, dust and other waste in their work. We just connect the hose to the tool and nothing spills anywhere. See for yourself: