Paper Mario Coming To Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack

Some of the spin-offs across the multitude of Nintendo franchises and IPs are so distinctive that they stand out from others and end up in the hearts of many players for their own merits. Paper Mario is just such a game that has been remembered by many fans over the years and has many subsequent games. The original Nintendo 64 game is said to add to the library of games available in the N64 collection on Nintendo Switch Online, so fans won’t have to wait long to play it again.

Paper Mario was released in 2000, and while many fans consider the game a classic, it hasn’t been reprinted very often in recent years. The RPG found its home on the Wii virtual console, but was put back into Nintendo’s storage after its release. The series remains relevant thanks to its Paper Mario-style sequels, but fans take it differently depending on the game.


For the record, a trailer released by Nintendo reveals that the beloved adventure will be available for those with the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack on December 10th. The video shows many moments of the game, for example, some moments of the battles of Mario and his partners, as well as the exploration of the world. Fans familiar with the game will recognize the moments shown, as the video features bosses from the chapters of the game.

By adding the RPG to the online subscription service library, players get several new features such as rewind and restore points. These features can help players in some areas, such as the turn-based battles in Paper Mario, which are getting harder and harder, which can add experience to some players.

Paper Mario is a welcome addition as the potential addition of this game was announced during the announcement of the Nintendo 64 Expansion Pack to the delight of many fans. Players have stated that they are signing up to the service for the sake of role-playing, and now they only need to wait a little over a week to play Paper Mario anywhere.

Plus, the announcement states that other fans may not be thrilled. While the fan favorite N64 game will be added to the service, no other games have been announced at this time. This means that the stream of games for the Nintendo 64 will be slower than for the NES and SNES collections, which could negatively impact the expanded package when it comes to other contentious issues such as its price. At least everyone who wants to take part in the service received the cult classic Paper Mario as a gift.