Overview of water softening systems for a cottage and a country house

The low price of a water softening system for a cottage attracts the attention of potential buyers. However, there is no need to rush! Minimum investment can be a skillful advertising ploy. An accurate estimate should be made taking into account the costs in the course of long-term operation. An overview of the best examples of specialized equipment will simplify the decision-making process during the selection of functional components.

The purpose of such systems
Equipment in this category is installed to protect against scale and limestone. Calcium and magnesium salts are necessary for strengthening bone tissue, performing other functions of the human body. Therefore, the complete removal of the relevant impurities can be harmful to health.

The blocking of limescale build-up prevents the following problems:

· Clogging of pipelines of water supply and heating systems;

· Damage to locking devices;

· Failure and malfunction of household appliances;

· Contamination of plumbing and other visible surfaces.

The correct selection of a water softening system ensures a long service life of a washing machine, boiler, gas boiler. Taking into account the total positive effect, it is possible to draw the correct conclusion about the economic feasibility of investing in high-quality water treatment.

The lack of formal, definitive guidelines for residential users forces the use of professional standards to establish requirements for specialized equipment. The industrial water softening system for boilers, for example, provides a decrease in the level of hardness to 0.01 mg-eq / l. When equipping a residential property, the concentration of salts is also reduced to a minimum. To restore the beneficial properties of the liquid, a mineralizer is used at the final stage of processing.

Water softening and deferrization systems for a cottage
To solve the indicated problem, two methods are used. You can buy a water purification and softening system that will remove harmful chemical compounds. The second option is to change the properties of impurities, which prevents the formation of scale.

Ion exchange
This technology extracts ions of calcium, magnesium, iron and other substances from liquid. At the same time, the listed impurities are replaced with harmless sodium salt.

156-585 Dumps
156-585 Dumps

To reproduce this method, a tank with the main load of synthetic granules that have ion exchange functions is used. Tableted sodium salt is placed in a separate container. After saturation of the working layer with the extracted impurities, it is rinsed with clean water and regenerated with a prepared reducing solution. These operations can be performed manually.

Ion exchange (chemical) water softening system

For the convenience of users, a control unit with solenoid valves is added to the modern installation. Service cycles are set in time or according to the amount of treated water using a timer or flow meter, respectively. The second method is distinguished by better economic indicators, since it helps to rationally use the supply of tableted salt.

A typical ion exchange water softening system works well up to 14 mEq / liter hardness. At a high concentration of impurities, an additional tank with the main load is installed for sequential treatment of the liquid. In order not to interrupt the water supply of the facility during regeneration, two similar working lines are created.

Ion exchange resins retain their functions for up to 8-10 years in continuous operation. However, such fillers are damaged by abrasive particles, sulfides, and other specific impurities. To extend their service life, pre-treatment of the incoming fluid is used.

Even the most expensive sets of equipment in the extended version of the equipment are not able to independently adjust the setting, taking into account the change in the level of hardness at the input. The user performs this procedure manually to maintain the efficiency of processing, to minimize the cost of consumables.

The complexity of maintenance and other typical problems of ion exchange can be eliminated by choosing the effect on harmful impurities with an alternating electromagnetic field. Such processing changes the shape of the smallest particles, creates charges on their surface. This transformation prevents limescale build-up at a great distance from the working area.

Electromagnetic (non-chemical) water softening system

To reproduce the technology, a high-frequency signal generator is used, which operates in an automatic mode. The force field in the fluid flow is created by an induction coil wound with an insulated wire on the outer surface of the pipe. After being connected to the power supply network, the system provides reliable protection against scale of transport highways and connected equipment.

A high-quality installation in this category, even when using a low-power generator (5 W), retains functionality at a hardness level of up to 17 mEq / l. Scale and lime are not formed at a distance of up to 700 meters along the length of the pipeline from the coil winding site. A compact device is much more convenient than a bulky water softening system for an apartment.

Devices in this category operate on the principles of force field processing discussed above. The variable nature of the impact on impurities is provided by a group of 3-5 permanent magnets when moving in the working area of ​​the water flow.

Efficiency remains at a short distance, so manufacturers recommend placing it as close as possible to a gas boiler or other protected equipment. The technology is used at a level of inlet hardness up to 6 mg-eq / l.

Main technical filter New water A 030 1 850 *
Magnetic filter (water converter)

Hollow fiber
This method removes calcium and magnesium salts, iron and other impurities with a particle size of 0.01 μm. The hollow fiber membrane can be restored without special reagents by ordinary rinsing with clean water. High-quality products in this category retain a good functional state when processing up to 500 thousand liters of liquid. An additional advantage is high productivity – from 1000 to 8000 l / h.

Hollow fiber membrane filter for fine water purification

Water purification and softening system for a country house
For a complete overview, you can consider other solutions offered by specialized manufacturers. Attention should be paid to the characteristic features of the equipment for correct operation without unnecessary costs and problems.

Reverse osmosis
Household installations operate with a capacity of 180-220 l / day. To increase the processing speed, a specialized set of several membranes with a flushing device and a pump is used. Widespread use is limited by the high cost of such equipment – from 150,000 rubles.

Flow-through drinking filter AQUA PRO 429
5899 *
In-line drinking filter New Water OU380 Start Praktic Osmos
7 399 *

Typical replaceable blocks for deferrization of water are produced with an estimated resource of 8-10 thousand liters. Softener cartridges can be refurbished 3-4 times. Such filters are used with a relatively low concentration of harmful impurities at the inlet.

Prefilter module BARRIER BIG BLUE 20 G1
Cartridge filter from Geyser company

Cabinet type
These compact units are 1.5-2 times more expensive than a typical set of separate functional units. Reducing the size of the working tanks means more frequent regeneration cycles.

Studying the range of profile brands will help you quickly find a suitable water softening and deferrization system. The products of the manufacturers presented below have received high marks from ordinary users and experienced specialists.

Household water softening systems Aquaphor are produced using ion exchange technology schemes. Cartridge kits of the Dachnik series can be used with an iron concentration of up to 3 mg / l and a hardness level of up to 5 mg-eq / l. In the company’s online store, you can buy salt, loading, other consumables and accessories.

Flow-through drinking filter Aquaphor Crystal N 2 999 *
Three-stage filter Aquaphor

This manufacturer offers a wide range of equipment for water softening using ion exchange charges. Geyser continuous systems are equipped with a special control unit, which ensures the connection of working lines according to the established algorithm without user intervention.

In-line drinking filter Geyser Standard [19064] for hard water 2 550 *
Three-stage filter Geyser

Electromagnetic converters with a range of up to 2000 m are produced under this brand. Powerful AquaShield devices (20 W) block the formation of scale at a hardness of up to 21 mg-eq / l. This technique removes old deposits in pipes, destroys microorganisms, inhibits corrosion processes.


This manufacturer produces specialized control units for ion exchange kits. The assortment of the company includes ready-made sets of equipment with different performance characteristics.

In the list of equipment of this brand, attention should be paid to polyphosphate dispensers. Such devices are installed to protect the heating elements of washing machines from scale.

Which system is better to buy for an apartment?
In a small property, it is difficult to designate a separate room with good sound insulation to accommodate a large set of ion exchange equipment. Cabinet models are expensive.

Taking into account the noted features, the optimal solution would be to install Aquashit in tandem with Aquaris. The electromagnetic transducer blocks the formation of limescale. The hollow fiber filter will provide high-quality drinking water treatment. It is recommended to supplement the kit with a cheap dirt collector at the entrance to trap large impurities.

Where can I find instructions for the installation, installation and connection of such a system?
The correct instructions can be found on the manufacturers’ websites. This documentation describes in detail the installation and configuration processes, operating conditions and maintenance features.


Price, rub


Aquaphor Summer resident number 2

Set of 3 cartridges on a steel frame
Geyser WS1252

Water softener with automatic flow rate flushing
AquaShield Du 60

Entry-level electromagnetic transducer with a range of up to 700 m
Clack WS1CI BWT I- Z

Control unit with water meter and programmable controller
Aquarium 1000

Hollow fiber filter with a capacity of 1 m3 / hour

Polyphosphate dispenser with increased resource – up to 6000 l
You can see the prices for filters and water softening systems on the official online store of the DNS company.

Our recommendations
To eliminate errors, use a comprehensive analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the presented samples. Read reviews from owners and industry experts. Make an economic calculation of costs with a target life of at least 10 years. Contact experienced professionals if you need additional information and professional preparation of the project.