Occupation Mafia

Together With The Prime Minister, I Will Fight Against The Occupation Mafia

Lahore: Actress Meeraka says that the occupation mafia tried to kill my mother to grab property worth crores. My mother’s life was saved by the police action.

At the Lahore Press Club, actress Meera held a press conference with her mother and brother, in which she thanked the CCPO Lahore and said that my mother’s property was about to be seized, which was foiled by the police, if the police If she had not acted in time, her mother would have been killed.

During the press conference, the actress wept bitterly and said that the accused could not be arrested despite five FIRs being registered. Be protected
The actress said that she is ‘mine’ so her property could not be seized, but now she will fight with the Prime Minister of Pakistan against the occupation mafia in Pakistan. “I will now support the government to make Pakistan’s system transparent,” he added.