There is hardly a sector in Pakistan where women are not working. In the old days, women were given very few opportunities to show off their talents. With the passage of time, the situation in Pakistan is improving and now women in every field are seen side by side with men and even beyond them. But even in this modern age, women are facing many old problems. There are many such wars. Women who leave home for work have to fight alone.

To get a job, women have to start the first war at home. In this era, it is not customary for women to work in many families. At first, it is difficult to get a job permit in such a house, various questions of the family members, “What do you need a job for, are we for a job?”, Women do not like working, etc. Care must be taken to ensure that there are no instances of insistence on leaving the job. And always imagine that if women are looking for a job, the reason is definitely income, while the problem is always wealth. No, the reason for doing the job is personal experience, self-confidence, awareness, breadth of thinking, also the power to make better decisions.

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The second problem is that women are considered inferior. In many places, men are preferred to women because men think they work better than women and have more experience. And even if a woman gets a high position by luck, she gets less income and respect than men. And you have to work harder. In addition, women are given less by considering it easier. As in the media, women are always given entertainment, weather and other small news and are kept away from big news. However, if women are given the opportunity, they can do other things very well.

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In addition, in Pakistani society, most women have to get permission from home for every job, if they want to work somewhere, they have to get permission, if they have to go out of work, they have to get permission, if they are late for work, they get permission and if they don’t get permission. So sit at home And men do not need anyone’s permission to do all these things. Most women, despite being talented, do not get the full opportunity because they have to get permission from their families for every job.

Then there is the issue of women’s employment after marriage. If a girl works even after marriage and children, she is considered careless and irresponsible. And all sorts of things are made about it. No matter how tired you are, you have to come home and do the housework in a cheerful manner so that our society does not make things up. It just knows how to do the job. Not a “piece of cake”.