Nvidia Omniverse will be the leading company in the development of next generation AI technologies

Nvidia Omniverse gets a powerful extension for its platform
Avatar technology has been added to the Ecosystem , which combines algorithms in the field of speech AI, computer vision, animation and modeling to create interactive avatars. They demonstrated this specifically in practice at the GTC conference in which they showed the whole world a model of the avatar of Nvidia CEO Jenson Huang, which answered the questions posed quite well.

As company Nvidia introduced its virtual helper for self-checkout. Where the baby avatar consulted a couple on a self-service menu in a fast food restaurant and answered questions such as which dishes from the presented are vegetarian, the shelf life of the product and its analogues. With the help of a far from new technology of face tracking, the baby avatar kept eye contact with visitors, gestured and reacted to their facial expressions.

Simplification of everyday life
Omniverse Avatar will take the sales industry to the next level, providing AI assistants for virtually any industry. Whether it’s a post office or a barber shop. This will help corporations and companies spend far less resources for comprehensive customer interactions, such as making banking transactions, scheduling personal meetings and conferences, booking plane tickets, movies, restaurant tables, etc.

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Speech Recognition is based on the latest NVIDIA Riva software development kit , which recognizes speech in multiple languages. Riva is also used to generate voice responses intelligently using text-to-speech capabilities. The generation and processing is based on the large language model of the Megatron 530B family , which can recognize, understand and generate human language.

Not looking up from reality
The Omniverse Avatar project can be compared to the * universe * of Meta (formerly Facebook ). The head of the corporation, Mark Zuckerberg, has repeatedly announced the creation of a friendly space where people can communicate with each other, companies can hold conferences by means of meetings in the virtual world using a virtual reality helmet. However, unlike Meta , Nvidia does not seek to fully immerse itself in virtual reality. The company wants to implement avatars so that people can use them while in physical space

Earlier, Facebook published a release, where it opened a beta test of the Horizon Workrooms program for working in virtual reality in VR-headsets Oculus Quest 2 to everyone . The program allows you to participate in meetings using the avatars they like.

Nvidia has seriously taken up the development of its project, and in many ways it has already proven in practice its working concept, but how far they are ready to go in the field of AI self-learning and the integration of this concept into our world, it is still known that there are some definite deadlines they do not have a project, but they have problems. The only problem is the response time of the software assistants and possible bugs due to the Real-Time mode.

That’s not all!
But there is one more positive news – for 3D graphics lovers.

Among other things, Nvidia Omniverse has acquired a new toolkit for creating and developing its own software in the Omniverse system . And the list of compatible 3d packages has also been replenished, namely, the City Engine module has been added . It is a program for simulating urban environments and there will still be connections from Substance , Maxon , Golaem , Notch and Wacom. Subscription to the platform will be available free of charge for up to 30 days.

At the end
In conclusion, I would like to say that AMD also does not stand still, the company entered into an agreement with Meta (formerly Facebook ) for the supply of new generation EPYC server processors (7452), as a result of this collaboration of two monsters, AMD shares immediately rushed upwards by whole 10 percent and strengthened its position in the fight against competitors. So now we can say with confidence that there are still many exciting novelties awaiting ahead from the joint collaboration of the three giants, which in the future should undoubtedly simplify our life.