Now Google Maps Will Also Work To Prevent Accidents

Now Google Maps Will Also Work To Prevent Accidents

Silicon Valley: Technology giant Google has added a feature to its product Google Maps that will help prevent accidents.

Google, an American technology company, strives to improve the lives of its users with its numerous practices. Google’s most useful and effective product is Google Maps, which has created many new business opportunities by making route tracking much easier.

Google Maps recently introduced the eco-friendly fastest way search feature. However, Google is now working on another new feature, which will keep users away from roads where drivers apply hard brakes that can cause accidents.
According to the Canadian automobile industry news website Auto Evaluation , Google Map will not suggest the fastest route to places with high accident and hard braking rates, in fact Google Map will identify where the driver hard brake is. Are used, which usually means an increase in the likelihood of a collision.

Google Maps will suggest drivers to take a relatively safe alternative route. According to the report, Google says that ‘Google Map is being embellished with features that will determine safe routes. If Google enables this feature to be fully enabled, it will help prevent more than 100 million hard-breaking accidents worldwide.

The report states that Google will use sensors ‘accelerometers and gyroscopes’ installed in the driver’s mobile phone to determine dangerous routes, which can detect a rapid decrease in speed due to hard braking. Are Google will also collect data with the help of artificial intelligence to identify hard-breaking. This feature will be available for IOS and Android users soon