Nine Smartwatch Features You May Not Know About

The popularity of smartwatches has grown significantly in recent years. Hundreds of models from many manufacturers compete on the market. People who are poorly versed in the matter usually believe that apart from notifications about calls and messages, smartwatches can no longer do anything. Let’s look at the non-obvious functions of such devices, which many do not even know about.

Synchronization with a smartphone
Besides the aforementioned calls and messages, the watch can do a lot more. Some models, when connected to a smartphone, allow you to control the music that you listen to on it. This feature is even available on some fitness bracelets.

Fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6Another handy feature is camera control directly from the wearable device. This is useful when you want to take a collective photo with a tripod: you can press the trigger right from the watch, being a few meters from the phone. And on certain models, such as the Apple Watch, you can view the viewfinder on the screen of the watch itself.

Monitoring physical activity
In addition to the obvious features like counting steps and distance traveled, smart devices can remind you that you’ve been sitting at your computer for too long – it’s time to warm up!

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Setting warm-up reminders in Zepp app for Amazfit watches

With the help of built-in sensors, the watch detects that the user has not done physical activity for an hour and signals that it is time to charge.

Smart watch Amazfit GTS 2eThis is the prerogative of children’s models. A smart watch worn on a hand is much more difficult for a child to lose than a smartphone. But by inserting a SIM card, you can contact your son or daughter at any time: chat via video link and check geolocation.

Children’s watch Elari KidPhone 4GR with Alice 7 950 *
“Adult” devices have versions with an electronic SIM card (eSIM). However, they are not officially sold in Russia: the technology is new and appeared on the market only last year. Manufacturers are in no hurry to import LTE versions of watches, so eSIM is still available only on some smartphones from Apple, Samsung and Huawei.

Smart alarm clock
As you know, a person’s sleep consists of fast and slow phases. It is the fast phase that is considered the most favorable for awakening. Therefore, in some models of smart watches and fitness bracelets, a smart alarm option is available: you do not set a specific response time, but a time interval (usually half an hour). The device monitors the onset of the fast phase and wakes you up at that very moment.


Fitness bracelet Honor Band 6If you are wondering how such a watch generally works and what sensors they have, read the specialized material .

These functions are the prerogative of smartphones, but some smartwatches also have these functions. So, having an Apple Watch SE GPS or Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 on your wrist, you can record training routes directly from your watch – you don’t have to take your phone for a run.


Smart watch Apple Watch Series SE GPS 40mmThe same goes for contactless payment technology (NFC). Paying with hours is much faster and more convenient than taking a smartphone out of your bag.

Smart watch Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 45mmThe ability to swim in hours
Specialized watches for swimmers exist not only among ordinary watches – there are also smart models with good water resistance up to 20 bar.

Smart watch MATRIX PowerWatch 2 42 699 *
The vast majority of devices are labeled 5 Bar. Theoretically, you can also swim in them, but it is not recommended to do this – read more here .

Photo video and voice recorder
Highly specialized functions that are not useful to anyone: playing videos and viewing photos on a small screen rather serve as a demonstration of the capabilities of the device, including the speed of the processor.

But the voice recorder can be useful to absolutely everyone. In the case of watchOS, this functionality is already built into the watch, and for Android Wear and Tizen, it is enough to install a third-party application. The main thing is that the device has a microphone.

The LED flashlight is available only in specialized models. But the average user does not need such brightness: in most devices with an AMOLED screen, there is a “soft” flashlight function. In this case, the display simply displays a white image with maximum brightness. This is usually enough to navigate in the dark.

Amazfit GTS watch soft flashlight

Smart watch Amazfit GTSAnother controversial option is that it is much more convenient to scroll the feed on a large screen of a smartphone or tablet. But we cannot fail to mention it. Sometimes it is convenient to quickly glance at a website without taking your phone out of your bag.

Using the browser on a round clock screen looks strange

Samsung has such an opportunity on Tizen (Samsung Internet app in the Galaxy Store), as well as any Wear OS watch (several options on Google Play).