Nine reasons to buy an electric oven

The classic stoves combining a hob and an oven, although presented in the assortment of stores, are gradually becoming a thing of the past. Customers prefer built-in models and opt for separate hobs and ovens. Moreover, even in the presence of gas, the choice is often made in favor of an electric oven. Let’s figure out why it is more convenient and what advantages the purchase gives.

Ease of placement
Compared to a conventional hob, the oven offers more variation in kitchen placement. The oven can be built into the space you find convenient. In this case, the hob can be located in a completely different corner. You can highlight the cooking area by placing the oven next to the hob, or, for example, build in the oven at chest level so as not to bend over while working.

When placing equipment, it should be borne in mind that an electric oven consumes a lot of electricity, so it will have to be supplied with a separate power supply from the switchboard. Once you build the oven in a specific location, it will be difficult for you to rearrange, as it will require serious rework. Therefore, the place for the installation of the oven must be determined even when planning the kitchen or installing new kitchen furniture.Convenience of placement is, of course, a big plus. But they still buy electric ovens not because they come in different sizes and can fit into the dimensions of any kitchen, but because it is more convenient to work with them: there are more opportunities, to the extent that an electric oven can replace, for example , also a microwave.

Comfortable setting of the operating mode
It would seem that if the apartment has gas, then it is better to buy a gas hob and a gas oven. But despite the fact that the operation of electric ovens is more expensive, many housewives choose them. Moreover, among them are those who love and know how to cook well, and those who mainly use semi-finished products and spend a minimum of time on cooking. Why?

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Because every gas oven is a thing in itself. Even the same models can behave in completely different ways. You need to adapt to the gas oven and its features, take into account the peculiarities of how it picks up and maintains the temperature. It is difficult to work with it if you need a low temperature. A gas oven cannot be used to defrost food, and so on.

An electric oven in this regard is much simpler: you can set exactly the temperature that is needed, and it will be maintained as long as necessary. You can set a specific cooking mode, including with a sequential change in temperature, and the electric oven will successfully cope with this task.

Automatic programs
Manufacturers make electric ovens as user-friendly as possible. For many models, the instruction manuals provide information on the best setting for roasting pork, lamb or beef, baked goods, cake or casseroles.

At the same time, detailed information is given for each dish: temperature, holding time and even at what level it is best to place the baking sheet with the dish being prepared. This is very convenient – especially for those who are just gaining experience in cooking various dishes.

Defrosting, drying vegetables and fruits and reheating baked goods and semi-finished products
Surely it happened that, leaving in the morning for work, you forgot to get food from the freezer so that they could defrost by evening. In such cases, the defrost function will save you. There is a similar function in microwave ovens, but in the oven it is more advanced.Firstly, there are oven models that have different defrosting programs for different types of food. Secondly, this function can be used to dry dried fruits, mushrooms or herbs. That is, if you have an oven with a defrosting function, you do not need a separate dryer for vegetables and fruits, as well as a microwave as a defrosting device.

In addition, in an electric oven, you can quickly reheat baked goods or semi-finished products without turning the food into crackers. It is worth noting the presence of the “Fermentation” mode in a number of models. This is heating at a low temperature, which will help the yeast dough rise or make yogurt.You can cook a dish like in an oven
In an electric oven, you can set a mode that is as close as possible to how food is cooked in the oven. In this case, the food is languishing or stewing slowly at a not very high temperature (usually no more than 120 ° C). The result is a tasty and healthier dish that doesn’t have such appetizing, but such harmful crusts.

This should also include the temperature maintenance mode. If you want to keep the food warmed up for some time, you can do this in a special mode, when the prepared food is in the oven at a temperature between 60 ° C and 80 ° C. As a result, dinner for a large company will not cool down. And this is good, because the old adage reminds us: “Only heated lunch can be worse than a cooled dinner.”

Grill meat and vegetables or bake on the wire rack
Since the heating elements are located along the walls of the electric oven, it is convenient to use the grill and cooking on the wire rack. Don’t like stews and want a big piece of meat with a crust? An electric oven can do just that.

Depending on the configuration of a particular model, you can, for example, fry meat on a spit, turn on a convection grill, or, conversely, only heating from below and ventilation. The multi-mode electric oven has far more cooking options than any other kitchen appliance.

You can cook right away for a large company

The volume of the baking sheet in the oven, unless it has a small working chamber volume, is much larger than that of a frying pan or saucepan. Therefore, more food can be cooked in the oven. Especially if you put 2-3 baking sheets and cook several dishes at the same time to feed a large company. On the stove, you will place no more than 3-4 pots, and in the microwave – generally only one container.

Replaces microwave or steamer
A number of models of electric ovens come with an additional function – microwave. A magnetron is installed in them, which allows you to cook food using microwave radiation. There are also models that cook steamed dishes and, accordingly, replace the steamer. When buying such ovens, you can get rid of unnecessary appliances and save space in the closet or on the table. The microwave function is available in a number of models from brands such as Electrolux, Midea, Weissgauff.

Manufacturers of electric ovens are working to make it easy to maintain and clean their appliances. For this, the ovens have a self-cleaning function. You can read more about cleaning methods in this article .

Without going into details, it can be noted that any option greatly facilitates maintenance and makes cleaning the oven much more comfortable than cleaning the microwave, despite the fact that the size of the oven is much larger.

Electric ovens are user friendly. It is convenient to cook food in them immediately for a large company, you can cook whatever your heart desires. The oven will help with baking, preparing meat dishes, as well as with dough, preparations, etc. It can replace several appliances in the kitchen. At the same time, even a novice and inexperienced housewife will achieve a good result using automatic modes.