New Symptoms Of Corona

New Symptoms Of Corona

London: British health experts have warned that a runny nose and headache could be symptoms of the Indian (Delta) variant of Corona.

According to the British News Agency, a new study has revealed that the symptoms of sore throat and runny nose are now more common in people suffering from corona infection in the UK.

This was revealed by an official British organization, Zoé kuud ‘ behalf after huhny research, about this research led to prufysrtm Spector says Indian (Delta Coruña) is bkarzyadh youth in uyryynt ۔ But they do not feel very sick, but being addicted (a disease transmitted to others) can be a danger to others.

According to the British National Health Service, if a person loses a cough, fever, sniffing or sense of taste, it is a sign of corona, but Professor Specter says that our application ‘ Zoe Wood ‘ has been received by thousands of citizens. Symptom statistics show that fever is a common symptom of corona, but the delta variant, which migrated from India to the UK, did not show a sense of smell in the top ten symptoms. This variant seems to be working differently, people think they have seasonal fever, cold and cough and in the same misconception they go to parties and transmit corona virus to other people.

He says Corona’s symptoms are no longer limited to coughing, sniffing or loss of sense of taste or fever, but also runny nose, headache and sore throat. And people need to be more careful about that. And if you have any of these symptoms, see your doctor right away.