During a press conference last week, Federal Ministers Khusro Bakhtiar and Fawad Chaudhry broke the good news that the federal government has announced a reduction in the prices of local vehicles by up to Rs 230,000. By increasing the consumption of local vehicles will not only achieve the target of 6% growth of the country but will also provide employment opportunities to 375,000 local people. According to the data, last year the total production of vehicles was 164,000 but next year the production will increase to 300,000 units, while in the financial year 2023-24 the total production of vehicles will increase to 500,000 units because local The car manufacturers demand that the export of vehicles to the international market is not feasible as the local production is less than 500,000. Increased vehicle production 3

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He said that sales tax on small vehicles manufactured in the country has been abolished including reduction in tax for hybrid and electric vehicles. One lakh 5 thousand in the price of 850 cc car, one lakh 42 thousand in the price of one thousand cc car, one lakh 86 thousand in the price of 1200 cc car, one lakh 25 in the price of 1300 cc car of Toyota company. Rs 1,000 while the price of Honda City will be reduced by the same amount. Similarly, the price of vehicles over 1800 cc will be reduced by Rs 170,000 while the price of vehicles over 2,000 cc will be reduced by Rs 230,000. While the prices of small vehicles have also been reduced, the leasing process is also being simplified so that people can get their car on easy monthly installments. They “Production requires time. Demand-supply gap and wool money problem may be prominent. For this, we have decided that the person who buys the car will register the car in his name,” he said. If the manufacturer delays more than 60 days, there will be a penalty. The car will be booked online so that every customer can know the stage of manufacturing of his car. These were good news reports and government announcements but the sad aspect is that when the federal ministers informed the Pakistani nation Thanks to the announcement of reduction in the prices of motor vehicles, at the same time various companies increased the prices of ghee and coking oil.

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According to media reports, the price of first grade ghee has gone up by Rs 38 per kg, as a result of which first grade ghee has gone up from Rs 305 to Rs 343. The price of second grade ghee has been increased by Rs. 15 per kg due to which the price of second grade ghee has increased from Rs. 270 to Rs. 285. Similarly, according to media reports, the price of sugar in the wholesale market has gone up from Rs 94 per kg to Rs 100. A 50 kg sack of sugar has gone up from Rs 4,700 to Rs 5,000. According to media reports, the Federal Board of Revenue has abolished the valuation of Rs 60 per kg for sales tax on local sugar and 7 725 per metric tonne for imported sugar.

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The Federal Board of Revenue has issued Notification No. 895 (i) / 2021 by which the FBR has canceled Notification 812 (i) / 2016 issued in 2016 on sales tax exemption on sugar. Instead of Rs 60 per kg, sales tax will be collected on the market price.

The move will increase prices by raising sales tax on sugar. The price of flour has already skyrocketed. Despite being an agricultural country, importing commodities like wheat and sugar is also a moment of concern for Pakistanis. Sometimes it seems that the majority of Pakistanis are living to pay their gas and electricity bills. There is no harm in saying that since the presentation of the federal budget for the next financial year 2021-22, inflation has started rising in the country. Since the budget was presented, inflation in the country has risen by 0.28 per cent in June and the average annual rate of inflation has risen to 14.52 per cent. Rising inflation since the budget is affecting the government’s statement on a people-friendly budget. Catastrophic inflation has robbed the poor of their peace of mind.

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Prime Minister, the people are happy with the announcement of reduction in the prices of motor vehicles, but on the other hand, the majority of Pakistanis have been forced to say to Prime Minister Imran Khan that Prime Minister! We need cheap cars as well as cheap sugar, flour, ghee, gas, electricity and petrol.