Mobile gaming: what accessories are needed for a gaming smartphone

Purchasing a powerful smartphone that can handle all modern high-FPS games is only half the battle for an advanced gamer. Useful accessories will expand the capabilities of your smartphone, make the gameplay more stable, comfortable and interesting. Consider the top 10 devices that a connoisseur of mobile games should have in their arsenal.

Game holder
The game holder allows you to turn your smartphone into a gamepad, making your gaming experience much more convenient. The smartphone is securely fastened in this controller, and, accordingly, during the game, you no longer hold the smartphone itself, but an ergonomic holder.

The controllers can be equipped with buttons or triggers, which will be especially effective in shooting games like PUBG Mobile. Advanced models have fans and a battery – for cooling and recharging the smartphone, respectively. A USB port is provided for connecting to a sm
Screen overlays
Despite its simplicity, special screen overlays can greatly facilitate the life of a mobile gamer. Pressing the on-screen buttons in games is not always accurate, especially if your fingers are sweating during intense gameplay. The interface of some games is not very user-friendly. Screen overlays solve these problems and further increase responsiveness.

Overlay for the screen Shinecon SC-DJ08 199 *
They are securely attached to the smartphone display like suction cups, so they can be moved around the screen, adjusting to each game. The pads do not require batteries. They can be used in games as buttons or sticks for consistent and accurate response. You can touch the pads with wet or dirty hands; this will not affect their work.Overlay for the screen Shinecon SC-DJ37 299 *


Trigger fingertips are another option for accurate keystrokes, stable on-screen buttons, and screen contamination. Made from a specially designed breathable material, the triggers fit over your playing fingers to prevent dirt and finger slipping from the display.

Shinecon SC-DJ07-2 Gaming Finger Cots Triggers

Game trigger triggers will come in handy for fans of mobile shooters who do not want to spend money on a gamepad. Triggers installed on the smartphone will provide stability and effectiveness of shots in the game, as well as reduce hand fatigue. Due to the simplicity of the device and versatility, they can be used on almost any smartphone by customizing the game interface accordingly.

Using a compatible gamepad allows you to take mobile gaming to the next level of convenience and play on your smartphone in much the same way as on a PC or set-top box. The advantage of universal gamepads is the ability to connect both to smartphones or tablets, and to set-top boxes or PCs. Some gamepad models are equipped with a special holder that allows you to attach a mobile device directly to the gamepad, resulting in a device like a portable console .

Virtual reality glasses
With the help of virtual reality glasses, you can play special VR games, as well as watch 3D videos on your smartphone. The rather low cost of VR glasses is explained by the fact that the screen here is a smartphone display, which is inserted into a special compartment.

The game is controlled using the buttons on the glasses, a special controller or gamepad. VR glasses are compatible with smartphones equipped with gyroscope and accelerometer.

Virtual reality glasses HIPER VRS

Shooting controllers
Pistol controllers will be a good addition to virtual reality glasses. They are specially designed for VR games, the gameplay of which is associated with shooting. Thanks to their features, they contribute to immersion in 3D virtual reality. Such devices, as a rule, are equipped not only with a trigger, but also with other buttons responsible for various manipulations in the game.

Ritmix GP-055BTH Game Controller

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Portable battery
Since games are quite energy-consuming for a smartphone, the presence of a capacious power bank will come in handy. This is especially true if you often use the gadget for games outside the home, as well as for used smartphones, the battery of which tends to drain quickly. A fairly high-capacity power bank of about 20,000 mAh provides 4-6 charging cycles for smartphones or tablets. This will allow you to play or watch videos smoothly throughout the weekend if, for example, you are out of town.

Mobile gaming in public places imposes some restrictions. So, in order not to irritate others, you cannot play games with a high volume in public. It is not very interesting to play without proper sound, especially if music and audio effects are an important component of the gaming atmosphere. Wireless headphones solve this problem. The absence of wires simplifies storage and operation. The presence of a built-in microphone will be an added plus.

Fast memory card
In conditions of a shortage of free space in the ROM of a smartphone, it is preferable to install heavy games on a memory card. For them to start up quickly and work stably, the data transfer rate must be high enough: the higher the better. Please note that the smartphone must support the appropriate speed class. The recommended read speed is at least 100 MB / s, and the write speed is at least 60 MB / s.