Microwave Oven Features You May Not Know About

The microwave is the record holder for the speed of cooking, the microwave oven, if necessary, can replace the grill, stove, fruit dryer, multicooker. In it you can fry kebabs, stew vegetables, bake fish and cook dozens of other dishes in automatic mode. Some models have the function of memory of the last actions, they are able to preserve the taste of food, remove odors and self-clean. In this article, we will look at the most interesting and unusual features of microwaves.

Grill and convection
Many have heard of a microwave with a grill, convection microwave ovens and models that combine both technologies. If you suddenly missed it, here is written about them in more detail.

Grill – heating element on the upper wall, warming up to 600-800 ° C, the main task is to thoroughly fry the meat.

Convection mode – a small fan drives the heated air in circles, evenly drying the product.

Combined mode – very hot air is distributed throughout the entire microwave oven, evenly frying or drying food, depending on the selected program.

Useful functions of the microwave
Would you like a cup of your favorite microwave drink? It is possible, however, additional equipment is required. Some of the programs listed below require special containers.

Auto defrosting – any microwave oven is capable of returning a frozen block of meat to its original appearance, but only in models with this mode, the process is carried out correctly. The weight of the product is taken into account, sometimes you can even specify the type, for example, berries and vegetables are defrosting at different speeds.

Delay start – allows you to eat something hot when you get home from work. Ultra useful feature, especially in winter.

Making espresso – to pamper yourself with coffee in the morning, in addition to the microwave, you will need a mini-geyser coffee maker. So far, there are only two suitable models on the market – the Italian Mamy and the German Piamo. How it works can be seen in this video.

Steamer – A microwave can replace a steamer if you buy a special cookware with a bowl and sieve. The container is used for cooking food, sterilizing cans, cleaning the microwave oven from the inside with steam.

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Let’s dwell on the last point in more detail, after all, from 18 to 30 recipes. There are pies, jellied fish, smoked, in Moscow and Old Russian style, fried cheese, chicken legs with prunes, ratatouille, cutlets, meatloaf with eggs, krupenik, kulebyaka with salmon, stuffed peppers, boyar-style meat, lazy cabbage rolls – on we will finish this, otherwise you can choke on saliva.

In addition to Russian cuisine, there are models with automatic preparation of oriental, French, and Italian traditional dishes.

With the programs sorted out, it’s time to take a closer look at the most interesting functions of microwave ovens.

TOP 10 microwave functions
Automatic cleaning is of two types. Catalytic – mica absorbent plates are used. Over time, the plates become greasy and the walls quickly become dirty. Pyrolytic – the temperature of the chamber rises to 500-600 ° C – grease, dirt and other obscenities simply burn out. The remaining ash is removed with a rag. If there is no special cleaning program, you can put a saucer of water and run the normal mode for five minutes.

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Memory function – stores recipes invented by you in the stove’s memory. The quantity depends on the model, usually about 30. With the memory function turned on, you must specify the weight and select the cooking modes. Next time it is enough to recall the saved settings by specifying the memory location number.

Taste preservation function – activated together with the defrosting program. The sensor detects the temperature of the semi-finished product and regulates the heating intensity during the entire defrosting period, gradually raising it.

Odor elimination function – consists of two stages: evaporation and drying. Pour water into a glass or plastic bowl and start the appropriate program. The liquid will turn into vapor, which will settle on the walls. Then the drying mode will automatically start. Lemon juice can be added. If there is no such function in the microwave, use the old-fashioned method from the video.

Plate warming function – the microwave spends part of the energy on heating the dishes, if the program is used during cooking, the meat may not be baked. This applies to large ceramic dishes, bowls, thick-walled glass containers. It makes no sense to use this function for thin plates, unless you quickly melt the ice cream, putting it on a warm surface.

The weight sensor is a very useful addition to the standard functionality. In most microwaves, you can set the weight in 100-gram increments. The more accurate the weight, the more likely it is to guess the manual cooking time. With such a sensor, the programs themselves will adjust the cooking duration. The food will not burn, but it will not stay soggy either.

Child Lock – Keeps kids and kitchen equipment safe. An inquisitive child can engage in scientific research from the “What If” series, put a toy or metal object and activate the microwave oven. In some models this function is implemented as a separate button with a lock, in others it is necessary to press the “Lock” button and a combination of two or three selected buttons.

ECO mode – with this function, the microwave will spend less energy in standby mode.

Keeping warm – Keeps the temperature at the optimum temperature for the selected dish so you can serve hot food later.

Signal – will inform not only about the end of the process, but also about the need to turn the meat to the other side. Some models have added advanced functionality with the ability to select a melody for a specific event.

Even simple microwave oven models can cook dozens of delicious dishes. In the middle price segment, you can find a model with 32-50 programs and almost all of the above functions. And if you buy special utensils, the microwave will become your favorite appliance in the kitchen.