Marshall Acton BT II

I started my acquaintance with the products of this brand in 2012, when I first bought Marshall Major headphones of the first generation. Then I was surprised, in my view, a product with a lot of flaws is usually hidden behind a beautiful wrapper. The sound in the headphones, the build quality, the implementation of the bell-shaped cable, the presence of a switch and a microphone, the design, everything was just incredibly cool! Even the box stood out from the same type of mass of competitors (such an Apple style approach to details). But in the box there was also an adapter from mini-jack to jack 6.3!

Since then, I have listened to the next generation of their headphones and every time I was disappointed in the sound. He became very chaotic, it was impossible to enjoy listening out of porridge. But the landing changed and in the following models the ear pads no longer pressed on the ears, allowing you to sit in the headphones for much more time. My headphones suffered a sad fate – the torn ear pads fell apart and became unusable (after 3 years of very active use).

A few years later, I accidentally stumbled upon Marshal acoustics, made in the style of a classic guitar amp. Naturally, I did not expect anything good from this column, but I decided to listen anyway. It was a Marshall Woburn (or similar giant version with tulips on the back). After listening to pieces of my favorite Deep Purple album, I realized that this is a thing! For a fairly large room (it was in a store) and by no means a “musical” room, the sound was very solid, without porridge, menacingly wild basses, hissing / ringing highs, with a middle! And most importantly, the volume would be enough to attract the attention of people from the street! At the same time, the bass and treble adjustments could be adjusted without poking into the player’s equalizer, right on the top panel.

A year later, I urgently needed a small column that could be taken to a tourist house for gatherings. I remembered that monster and started rummaging through the manufacturer’s website. As a result, my choice fell on the younger version of acoustics, namely Acton BT II. It has all the features I need:


– it is not massive, which means you can take it with you on a trip or carry it around the apartment without any problems (and it is easy to find a place for it);

– Sounds good enough for its size. I agree, at maximum and near maximum volumes, the sound quality is seriously reduced, but even the middle volume is enough to sound the average room;

– new bluetooth version 5.0;

– the ability to pair with the same devices in the native smartphone application;

– cool design;

– convenient control (toggle switch, volume and timbre control, start-stop key).

At the moment, I have been using koloka for more than a year, during this time I found several flaws, now about them:

– when connected via a mini-jack, the speaker has to be “wake up” from time to time – turn the volume slider or press the “start-stop” key. I did not find how to change the time “before bedtime” in the native application for iOS.

– lack of RCA ports (but this is a minus from the category “I want everything at once”);

– this, of course, can hardly be called a flaw in the column, but if you set up the equalizer in the application (you can do it much more accurately there), and then missed it like a colleague or someone enthusiastically studying the unknown “miracle” will start turning the controls – you will have to climb into the application again and reset 😀

As you understand, the cons are more nitpicks than real product problems.

I had no problems with “sticking” or some kind of bluetooth breaks. It connects to the phone and laptop cheerfully, without dancing with a tambourine (and such things happen, say, on my Bowers & Wilkins PX7 headphones).

Summarizing all the above, I want to say that this is an excellent product that will serve you faithfully, will surprise and catch the eyes of guests, will definitely find application at home, in the office or on a trip (if you find an outlet)! The column will suit both fans of rock and any other music! For the money, this is a great product.

I note that it would be interesting to try to combine two similar speakers into a pair and evaluate such a bundle: will it be a full-fledged stereo, how problematic will it be with delays / glitches.