Manuel Signed By Steve Jobs Sold For Rs 13 Crore

Manuel Signed By Steve Jobs Sold For Rs 13 Crore

BOSTON: Apple Computer co-founder Steve Jobs recently sold an operating manual signed in 1980 for 87 787,484 (PKR 130 million), bought by billionaire American businessman Jim Ersay.

The 196-page manual, signed by Steve Jobs and another Apple Computer CEO, Mike Marquila, was auctioned off at Boston’s RR Auction, owned by British-born Julian Brewer.

The full text of the manual is as follows:
“Julian, you are the first generation to grow up with a computer. Go, change the world! ”

Julien Brewer said his father, Mike Brewer, wanted special rights to sell Apple Corps products in the UK in the 1980s, and was in talks with Steve Jobs and Mike Marquela.

A similar private meeting took place at Mike Brewer’s home in the UK.

“I was typing a game (code) on my Apple II computer in the bedroom when Abu called me to meet some guests,” said Julian.

“I was shocked to see that they were Steve Jobs and Mike Marquela. They gave me this manual. Maybe his meeting with Abu was good, that’s why this manual was given to me very carefully. The significance of which I realized much later.

Julian’s father, Mike Brewer, later became the first managing director of Apple UK Limited.