Mandra Bedi’s Husband Dies Of Heart Attack

Mandra Bedi's Husband Dies Of Heart Attack

Mumbai: Prominent Bollywood actress Mandra Bedi’s husband producer Raj Koshal has died of a heart attack.

According to Indian media, Raj Koshal’s death was confirmed by his close friend and filmmaker Onir on social media and he wrote, “You left quickly.” He further wrote that Raj was the producer of my first film “My Brother Nikhal” and he was one of the few people who believed in us and supported us. Bollywood artistes are mourning the sudden death of producer Raj Koshal.

It is to be noted that actress Mandra Bedi had played the secondary role of Preeti in the 1995 super hit film “Dil Wale Dilniya Le Jayen Ge” and had gained immense fame from this role. Mandra Bedi and Raj Koshal were later married in 1999. They have two children, a son Veer and a daughter Tara. Both had adopted daughter Tara.
Apart from being a film producer, Raj Koshal was also a writer and director and made films like “Sometimes in Love”, “Wedding Fight” and “Who is Anthony.