Major Internet Breakdown Worldwide, Millions Of Websites Shut Down

Major Internet Breakdown Worldwide

LONDON: A large portion of the Internet is offline, making it difficult for users to access global news agency websites.

According to the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC Urdu, several websites of the world suddenly shut down. The world’s leading news websites are also offline.

Websites of global news organizations such as the BBC, the Guardian, the Financial Times and the New York Times have also been shut down, while users are unable to access many of the world’s leading websites, including Amazon.
According to the BBC, the British government’s website – – is also offline. Receiving a reply to “Error 503 Service Unavailable” in response to an attempt to access all closed websites.

The BBC has claimed that the initial internet breakdown could be linked to cloud computing service provider Fastley. Fastley serves the world’s leading websites.

Fastley, on the other hand, says he is investigating his network’s “Content Delivery Network” (CDN), the cause of which will be revealed shortly and will be remedied