LIAN LI O11D Mini + SVO 360 from above – life hack!

In this article, I will describe a life hack to solve the problem associated with installing a 360 mm water cooling system on top of the LIAN LI O11D Mini case.

This life hack applies to those cases if you are using an ATX format motherboard.

The problem is that often the radiator for cooling the power circuits of the motherboard is large. This is especially true for premium segment ATX boards, in which radiators interfere with the normal location of the 360mm CBO in the upper part of the case.

The issue is solved by manufacturing a special adapter in 3D printing, which moves the CBO radiator closer to the glass (approximately 1 cm).

The photo below shows the installation of CBO at the bottom of the case. Everyone will appreciate this differently, but most professionals will agree that this is not the correct location of the CBO in terms of cooling and from an aesthetic point of view.


The photo is taken from the reviews of the case CSN – LIAN LI O11D Mini-S Snow White

In the article source of this article, you can download the finished 3D sketch project.
You don’t need to model anything yourself.


When ordering a print, it is recommended to pay attention to the following factors:

For manufacturing, it is better to use durable plastic, which contributes to greater rigidity of the fastening of the CBO in the future (specify the density of the material when ordering);
Ask about the possibility of choosing the color of the material in a color scheme or shade close to your body and CBO (black to black, light to white, as they say).
The end result may have slight roughness, unevenness and incompletely machined holes. Before complete assembly, it is recommended to make a test fitting first to the CBO, and then to the body.

Fastening to the SVO is carried out using the fasteners that come with it in the kit.
Next, you need to fix the structure to the case using standard bolts from large-threaded fans, or, alternatively, standard bolts for fastening the side covers of the case or power supplies.
The dust filter and the top case cover are installed without problems.
Special thanks for this life hack to the author – Ezonas .