Learn to code with these great sites

Decided to learn programming, but don’t know where to start? Today we will share with you a selection of useful sites that will help you master this difficult science. But before we get started, here are a few hard truths that will make learning ineffective if you don’t know it.

First, the end goal . Without it, success cannot be achieved. If you decide to become a cool programmer just for the sake of it or for the sake of a big salary, then this is a road to nowhere. Goals must be realistic. For example, to study for the sake of employment in order to become a Junior (junior programmer). You will not see mountains of gold with such qualifications, but a few years of hard work and you are a Middle with quite decent pay.

But we must understand that this is not an easy path. And that money is a good motivator only as long as there is not enough of it. If you are wealthy (and not pathologically greedy), then a large salary will not make or force you to study programming even deeper.

Or your goal is to create a game, website or application for yourself. If your eyes are on fire and you enjoy programming, then learning will be easy. As the statistics show, as well as the stories of experienced programmers, the majority (2/3 of them) are self-taught.

Secondly, decide on a programming language (PL). It’s best to start with relatively simple programming languages ​​like PHP or Python. Learning OOP (object-oriented programming language) from scratch is not worth it. It is difficult and incomprehensible. Focus on your goal (what exactly you want to create and what language is best suited for this) and opportunities (how much time you can devote to studying and other nuances).

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Thirdly, study English in parallel. This will help both with understanding programming (the lion’s share of PL documentation is in English), and with finding a job. Programmers who know English are much more in demand in the labor market. Now directly to the learning tools.

An educational platform that teaches not only programming, but also marketing, design, management, etc. For future programmers, 28 different courses are available, covering WEB programming, mobile development, testing, game creation and other areas. Plus Skillbox – guaranteed employment after completion of training. At least that’s what the creators of the platform say.


A large educational project that focuses on learning through video tutorials and video lectures. There is training in programming languages, development for iOS and Android. There are free webinars here, but all the main courses are paid. The presence of an interactive simulator, as well as employee training programs, distinguish ITVDN from competitors. ITVDN occupies a leading position among our compatriots, judging by the reviews.

Yandex offers to master over 10 courses, most of which are aimed at front-end development. There are also courses on data analytics, Data Science, algorithms, interface design, and more. Introductory Yandex.Practicum classes are free, and you will need to pay for the remaining course.

The platform will offer you 16 courses covering various areas of programming: front-end, back-end, mobile development, etc. There are also free lessons here, but they are more for familiarization than for serious study. All Netology courses are divided into two parts by complexity: for beginners and for pros.

A huge number of courses both in programming and in related professions. The list includes web development, Python development, project management, product management, online marketing and SMM, design, and Android development. The advantage of the online university is that each course is detailed. The training plan, teachers, the knowledge that you will receive after training – everything is chewed and put on the shelves. Guaranteed employment is also promised.

A very versatile educational resource : there are both paid and free courses. Moreover, both in popular programming languages ​​(Python, Java, C ++), and in machine learning, neural networks, Data Science. And for those who are far from programming, there are courses in the humanities (even in preparation for the exam).


13 courses for programmers of various profiles , including Data Science and Analytics. Help from mentors and a certificate of completion. In general, everything is the same as that of competitors, except that educational programs are smaller.

A resource that specializes in teaching web development, in particular HTML and CSS. The introductory course is free, but for advanced training you will have to fork out. Learning takes place in the form of a game directly in your browser, which is very convenient.

115 courses on layout and programming, training with a mentor. The advantages of Hexlet are the opportunity to take 21 free courses (PHP, Python, JS, Bash), practice in the browser, as well as access to a community where you can ask questions and discuss problems encountered in the learning process. The prices for platform services are democratic.

The best Russian-language project for learning Java . The training takes place in a playful way with funny dialogues and characters (copied from Futurama). The emphasis is on practice. The full course includes 1200 assignments, after completing which you will become a strong Junior Java Developer.

Another specialized resource that will help you master the programming language, frameworks and other technologies for WEB programming. An impressive theoretical base (for free) and paid courses lasting from 5 to 6 weeks – this will be enough to master the necessary basics.

English sites

One of the most popular educational foreign platforms . Here they teach all the most popular languages. Basic courses are free, to get the “Pro” level, you need to pay a monthly / annual subscription.


Minimal style project that will teach you Full Stack how to program in javascript. Education is free and independent.


The project includes both courses in popular programming languages ​​and training in the following areas: IT Ops, Data Professional, Architecture and Construction, Manufacturing and Design, Business Professional, Information and Cyber ​​Security. Very popular abroad, if you believe the reviews.


The educational platform positions itself as “The largest selection of courses in the world.” Here you can both study and become a paid teacher. In addition to courses that cover almost every aspect of programming, Udemy offers courses in design, marketing, music, photography, and more.


The resource offers to study many languages ​​(including rare ones), but in order to register you need to prove your knowledge (it is enough to know the basics of the chosen language). For complete dummies , Codewars is not suitable. The site was included in the selection only because of its popularity among users.


The online platform cooperates with the world’s leading universities. 700 different educational programs, certificates upon completion of training, the possibility of passing free training make Coursera a serious competitor among similar projects.

What recommendations should be followed to make learning more effective?
Continuous systematic learning. Programming is a complex science and any two-week intensive is not enough to become a programmer. You will have to study long and continuously. Remember that it is better to study for half an hour, but every day, than 4 hours once a week.
Rest is part of the study. In order not to lose motivation and not get lost in the ocean of information (and there is a lot of it in programming), you need to have a rest in time and not overload yourself.
Practice is the salt of programming. You can memorize a bunch of programming textbooks and still fail to write working code. You need to solve problems, find bugs in other people’s code, and generally write a lot of code to master the necessary skills.
Sequential study of PL. You should not jump from one to another, it is better to hone the knowledge and skills of the chosen PL, master related technologies (frameworks, libraries) and only then start learning something new.
Do not get hung up on the chosen course. During training, information must be taken from various sources. This will allow you to cover the topic more broadly. If you are studying programming in courses, do not be lazy – read textbooks on your programming language, watch the most popular videos on YouTube, chat with other beginners or (even better) experienced programmers.
Algorithms. Understanding how algorithms work is a necessary skill for any programmer, no matter what language they write in. To get started, read at least one book on this topic to get an idea about it.
Pet project. Create your own home project where you will hone your knowledge.
Do not give up. In the process of learning, you will give up. New, seemingly unsolvable problems will put pressure on you. This is fine. All programmers go through this. Just keep learning and don’t give up.

There are a lot of websites that teach programming online. We have chosen the best. Learn how to write code, develop yourself and make your dream move to work in Silicon Valley!