Kangana Ranaut’s Passport

Indian Authorities Refuse To Renew Kangana Ranaut's Passport

Mumbai: Indian authorities have refused to renew the passport of actress Kangana Ranaut.

Indian actress Kangana Ranaut makes headlines in media headlines more than movies, sometimes on social media and sometimes on TV headlines. Kangana Ranaut has lost her Twitter account due to her habit of controversy and today There is a new problem tomorrow.

According to Indian media, actress Kangana Ranaut has filed a petition in the Bombay High Court stating that her passport expires on September 15, so when she filed an application for renewal of her passport, the administration informed the Bandra Police. The station objected to the FIR in the case of the controversial tweet and refused to renew.
Kangana pleaded with the court that she is an actress and she has to go abroad for work, she may face difficulties when her passport expires, so the court has ordered the administration to renew her passport. Release The court has fixed June 22 for a hearing on the petition filed by Kangana Ranaut.