Japanese Ambassador

Japanese Ambassador

Riyadh: Japan’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Fumio Iwai, has said that his weight has begun to rise rapidly just four months after his deployment to Saudi Arabia due to the generous hospitality of its citizens.

According to the International News Agency, Japan had appointed Fumio Iwai, an expert diplomat with extensive experience in the Gulf state, as ambassador to Saudi Arabia in February. Using the experience of the Gulf countries, Fumio Ivy has blended in not only the top officials but also the people.

Japan’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Fumio Aoi, made interesting remarks in an interview with a local newspaper in Riyadh. Fumio Iwai said he arrived in Saudi Arabia in February but is now tired of his clothes.
The Japanese ambassador went on to say that he had to loosen his trousers because he was gaining weight so fast because of the generous hospitality of the Saudis who serve delicious food. ۔

“Because of the enthusiastic hospitality and delicious food of the people here, I put all the precautions aside and eat delicious food, but now I’m trying to control my weight by taking a walk at my wife’s token,” said Fumio Iwai. ۔

The Japanese ambassador also shared a photo with his wife on the social networking site Twitter in which he and his wife are dressed in local clothes and walking. His wife has also covered her head with hijab.