Jacqueline Fernandez broke the silence on her affair with Skesh Chandra Shekhar

Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandes has broken her silence on her affair with accused Skesh Chandra Shekhar, who is involved in money laundering worth crores of rupees.

According to the report of ‘Bollywood Hangama’, investigations are underway in the money laundering and fraud case of Rs 200 crore against Skesh Chandra Shekhar in India. Jacqueline Fernandez has been indicted on charges of having a viral photo with the main suspect and receiving the most expensive gifts.

Recently, another photo of Jacqueline Fernandez with accused Seksh Chandra has surfaced, to which the actress has expressed her reaction.
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Jacqueline Fernandez wrote in an Instagram post: “This country and its people have always endowed me with immense love and respect. That includes my media friends from whom I learned a lot. ”

“I am going through a very difficult time at the moment but I hope my friends and fans will support me,” she added.

“I would like to request my media friends to please do not publish any picture of me which would affect my privacy. You will never want to do this with your own and I hope so,” he said. That you will do the same with me.

Jacqueline also wrote, “I hope justice and good thinking prevail, thank you.”

The actress turned off the option of commenting on Instagram posts for fans.

It may be recalled that Shaikh Chandra Shekhar’s lawyer Advocate Anant Malik had said in a press conference a few days ago that Shakeesh Chandra was in love with Jacqueline Fernandes and this was his personal matter which should not be taken up in this case.