Israel’s New Prime Minister Will Be Elected On June 13

Israel's New Prime Minister Will Be Elected On June 13

Tel Aviv: The speaker of the Israeli parliament has announced that the country will go to the polls on Sunday to elect a new government.

According to the International News Agency, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s 12-year rule in Israel is likely to end on June 13. Parliament will vote on the new government on that day.

Netanyahu’s ally and speaker of parliament Yariv Levin announced that a special session on Sunday would vote on forming a new government, so all members must ensure their attendance.
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If the alliance of the right and left parties and the Arab party succeeds in getting the vote of confidence, the new government will be sworn in on the same day and Naftali Bennett will become the Prime Minister.

It should be noted that four elections have been held in Israel in the last two years and each time Netanyahu’s party manages to get the most votes, but failed to prove the majority needed to form a government.