Is it possible to mine on a processor and is there a new deficit?

The trouble came from where they did not expect – so the miners have their eyes on the central processors. And as they put it, they encroached on the sacred – the people’s Raisens. They liked them with their large L3 cache, they do wonders in the lane, they bring big profits, they want ordinary people to leave without productive cores. They joked and that’s enough, but now to the serious.

Part 1. Can I mine on a processor?

Mining on central processing units (CPU) is no longer some new “something”. The “great and powerful” BTC itself started with a CPU, later pumped it to a GPU and then to FPGA and ASIC. Therefore, CPU mining has been, is and will be.

There are a lot of cryptocurrencies. Every day they appear in dozens, if not hundreds, and each wants to be special and useful. At one time, when ASICs began to capture the market and they became more and more inaccessible to ordinary people, the Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency was invented “for the people”. Few people were interested in this coin at first. It met ups and downs until it became mainstream in GPU mining and gained popularity. And the central processing units were not in the lot, apart from a few, still lucrative coins for the CPU. But that was still not comparable to mining and the profitability of GPUs.

And now everything repeats itself again – again, ASICs are left behind with the arrival of Raptoreum. This cryptocurrency is positively sensitive to the third level cache. Where is the biggest L3 cache? That’s right – in folk Raisens! Ryzen 9 3900X with L3 64MB bypasses even the new Core i9-12900K in hashrate, but it costs much less, because no longer a beginner.

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Part 2. Is there a threat of a new deficit?

There has always been and will always be a deficit. “Wang” in mining and crypt is a very thankless job! Therefore, let’s approach this issue with a cool head and just reflect.

Someone will say that mining only on the CPU is not profitable – the strapping is very expensive. Partially true, but if the rate of the crypt more than overlaps with the strapping for one processor, people will start mining and collecting farms. What difference does it make if it makes good money – one processor or a rig of 6-8 cards?

The Raptoreum cryptocurrency was launched this year, and the miners immediately start assembling CPU farms. Someone switched from Monero, and someone decided to immediately assemble from scratch on the not expensive Ryzen 9 3900X, which were still on sale.

CPU mining is gaining momentum, so far only on the enthusiasm of “amateurs”. Large miners still prefer video cards with ASICs, but their deficit can redirect finances for the purchase and assembly of CPU farms. And then all that is happening now on the video card market will fall like an avalanche on the desktop processor market.

The first bell has already sounded, the Raptoreum course went well into the zone of profitable mining on the CPU. Potential big players may have already paid attention to this and are closely watching what is happening. And someone is already building processor farms, buying out everything that is still on the market for free and affordable sale.

For 10 years, miners have already realized that expanding on the crypto hype is not as profitable as in the off-season and calm. When a hype comes in in price, they already meet everyone with a full set of hash rates and skim the cream off while newbies just buy at rising prices.

Now, after a rapid growth, the Raptoreum price has rolled back. If the growth repeats, it will most likely be possible to expect a repeat of the situation with video cards. All more or less profitable processors will be swept away, and, in addition, motherboards with RAM. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen. Although the realities are such that everything that brings money will be bought up in any quantity.

Last year, many techno channels on YouTube and techno bloggers recommended waiting for the recommended prices for video cards and not buying at overpriced ones. A year has passed, and prices for video cards have increased even more. Someone was left without a card for games.

The author of the article does not call for any action, just reflects on the situation that happened around the new Raptoreum cryptocurrency. If you have your opinion on this matter, write it in the comments to this article.