Indian Variety Of Corona Australia

Indian Variety Of Corona Australia

Sydney: The Indian variety of Corona in Australia has engulfed the entire country. Australian PM holds emergency meeting with national leaders to discuss strategy to deal with new wave of Corona

According to the British News Agency, the rapidly spreading Delta variant of Corona (Indian type of Corona) has buried its claws in Sydney and so far 128 cases have been reported.

Apart from Sydney, cases of Delta variant are also being recorded in Queensland and Western Australia. According to reports, Australian authorities are calling it a ‘critical situation’ and are trying to keep the number of cases low by closing down and closing borders.
According to the report, the emergency meeting also considered important measures such as new quarantine rules and making vaccination a mandatory for everyone. This is the first time in so many months that so many cases of corona have been reported from different parts of the country at the same time.

“I think we are entering a new era of the epidemic with a new and more dangerous type of corona,” Australian MP Josh Friedenberg told ABC News after the Code-19 Response Committee meeting. Timely lockdowns in Sydney and Darwin and restrictions in all four states have been tightened following the rise in corona infections.

New South Wales Premier Gladys Briggsline says 18 new cases of delta variant have been reported in their state, up from 30 in the previous day and 59,000 corona tests in the last 24 hours. The state government of New South Wales has imposed strict lockdowns for two more weeks in Greater Sydney, Blue Mountain, Central Cast and Wollongong, but the situation is more worrying in Sydney, where 5 million people are living and working. have been.