Indian Officials Also Evacuated Bagram Air Base

Indian Officials Also Evacuated Bagram Air Base

ISLAMABAD: After the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan’s Bagram Air Base, Indian officials are also leaving for their homeland immediately.

According to the international news agency, as soon as the American troops left Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, the Indian officials also felt safe to leave the air base as soon as possible and the cargo plane C17 from India has reached Afghanistan to pick up these personnel.

According to sources, in the last 24 hours, the Indian plane returned to India with hundreds of personnel on three flights. The cargo plane had no luggage, but Indian intelligence agency RAW had been present in Afghanistan for a long time.

India is also trying to flee Afghanistan as soon as possible after the withdrawal of US troops. Therefore, arrangements have been made for the immediate expulsion of RAW agents from Afghanistan to prevent their shameful role in Afghanistan’s internal tensions from being exposed.

As the war in Afghanistan erupts and the Taliban’s talks with India fail, India’s nefarious designs to help terrorist organizations are getting frustrated, so India has resorted to personnel to avoid humiliation. It felt good to be called back.

It should be noted that two days ago, the US military evacuated its largest air base in Afghanistan, Bagram Air Base, and handed it over to the Afghan government.