Imran Khan is the only threat to the government

The title of the blog feels like a madman’s boom. But what if a better title than this is incapable of being understood in the present objective circumstances? The only reason for this is that the biggest threat to the Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Imran Khan at the moment is himself.

Why is he doing this now? For that you have to look at the overall behavior. And we need to be aware of both the background and the foreground of these attitudes. Forget what the PTI’s manifesto was. Because you will get entangled in one crore jobs and five million houses and will not be able to move forward.

Just think of such impractical promises that there will be no new oil and no Radha will dance. Think about what Imran Khan promised to the people. It is also necessary to ignore the fact that Imran Khan had raised the towers of hope on the issue of institutional terminology. Whether it’s the terms in the Election Commission or the commitment to improve the police. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Take all aspects aside and take a look at their attitude towards political opponents as an example. You will find that our handsome captains are unable to live up to public expectations in any one case. It would have been better to build a palace of expectations on the assumption that at least some way of straightening the courtyard would have been shown to the people.


We are witnessing the political history of Pakistan in which the game of musical chair was going on. How Bhutto was brought in and then became the leader of the people is a matter of concern. How long Junejo continued to be present, and how they became unacceptable, is an open secret. How Mian Nawaz Sharif took over Punjab and focused on the center is obvious. Mian and Bibi’s political wrestling is also remembered to some extent by today’s generation. The Charter of Democracy was born, but it was also a cycle of interests. PPI, PML-N, but unfortunately things did not get better. And then a wave of change arose. Raqim al-Huroof, like all other thinkers, saw a ray of hope. The tsunami would sweep away corruption and incompetence. The boxes were full. But the result is the same. The first speech claimed that there would be no retaliation but then the acquaintances saw that their incompetence was also a change of government.

The psychology of the game is that the more you give your opponent the impression of your nervousness, the more successfully he will perform against you. And our captain had already announced the World Cup, he didn’t expect that to happen.

Suppose a no-confidence motion was declared, it was gathered, but on this occasion if the captain had a little courage and was determined not to miss the match till the last ball, he could have put a smile on his lips on this motion. Even those who left would think that it was strong enough, and maybe they would give up. What is the reason for the strongest and most knowledgeable groups now? This is because of the apparent panic of our Prime Minister.

Hey sir, stand up and be strong enough that we can say that the competition was done by a weak heart. But you started wailing before the match. The opposition has the right to hold on to the ropes of power. In what joy did you announce the meeting? Didn’t you do this political blender?

Sir! You are the Prime Minister, not the Leader of the Opposition. Instead of meeting your members in such an assembly, you called for a meeting. Even if one million people come, will you be able to save 172 people? From your confusion and frustration, even your closest friends are starting to leave you. You should have encouraged your followers with confidence but you could not handle the Chaudhrys of Gujarat who are ready to kill Adari in view of the oil spill. If your handsome man had got an advisor like him, he would have advised him that this uneasiness of yours is bringing the opposition closer to the goal without any hesitation. But counselors are also giving advice to their advantage.

At that moment, there was a need for a captain with a strong nervous force, who, instead of making a noise like a straw in a thief’s beard, would be like an ocean whose silence would shake the opponents and they would know that this movement was non-existent. What a storm the Prime Minister’s action will be after the confidence motion. But what is the point, as everyone knows that smiles are missing, there are also fears and haste in decisions is also evident.

Inflation, inflation and only inflation that has been embraced by the PTI government. However, the deficit has been met by rising petrol prices and unwise political decisions. Perhaps Khan has read the inscription on the wall and read in it that the days are numbered. Otherwise, where is this opposition and where are these angry speeches of Kaja Khan. The opposition seems to be leaning against the cushion. The speeches of Khan seem to be gaining momentum that the attitude of Khan and Khan himself is more dangerous for the government than the opposition.