Implications for Antibiotic Resistance

Implications for Antibiotic Resistance

About three weeks ago, my younger sister developed a fever. As is usually the case in our homes, home remedies have been started with Panadol and Yakhni or Soup etc. But the fever did not subside, so he was taken to a local doctor, who first asked for a test for the corona virus, as well as an antibiotic.

Corona was tested, he was negative so we were convinced that Corona is not there and at the same time continued to use antibiotics. However, the severity of the fever did not decrease and the patient’s condition did not improve. Within a week, the turn came to the hospital where the fever had gone up to 104. All kinds of tests are done in the hospital to diagnose the cause of the fever. But the reason was that she was not getting caught. Malaria, typhoid and corona were tested for as many possible causes as possible, but the cause of the fever and infection was nowhere to be found.

Eventually a bacterium called Strobacter came into the culture test. But just finding out the bacterium was not enough because a broad-spectrum antibiotic was already being given, but it was not having much effect. (Broad spectrum Broad spectrum is an antibiotic that has the ability to affect and stop the growth of many germs, in contrast to the Narrow Spectrum Narrow Spectrum is that which contains a single or a few germs) Can affect).
In the next stage of diagnosis, various antibiotics were tested on the bacterium to find out which drug would be effective against it. This test is commonly called the Antibiotic Susceptibility Profile, in which any bacterium is grown in the presence of various antibiotics and it is seen which antibiotic has allowed the bacterium to grow. However, the results of the antibiotic susceptibility profile test showed that the antibiotic that was being given so far was resistant to the bacterium and that is why no matter how many drugs were given against it, Couldn’t get results. In the light of this test, the medication was changed and another effective antibiotic was introduced. The effect of this new antibiotic began to show in two days and the fever and other symptoms began to improve, and now, thanks to the Almighty,

In a previous blog, I talked in great detail about antibiotics and their resistance to germs, what they are, how immunity to them occurs, and what the general causes are. This incident describes the implications of antibiotic resistance and its effects.

Strobacter is not a very deadly or serious disease-carrying bacterium, such as TB, typhoid or cholera. It does not usually make a person sick or have anything to do with any particular disease. But in this case, it took only two to three weeks for the antibiotic to heal, which until a few years ago he would have recovered in three to four days.

The effect of antibiotic resistance is not limited to the patient, it takes a long time to heal. No, in fact the effect goes far. The answer is that for two weeks a hospital bed could not be used by another patient because of this germ, who may be suffering from a more serious illness than this infection. The cost of medicines and tests before a full diagnosis puts an additional strain on the health system. You can say here that spending five to ten days in the hospital or getting tested for Rs 15,000 is not a special thing for a middle class family, we can only do so much for our family and other loved ones. Exactly right, we can do it, maybe even more. But now think a little outside the confines of your home and family, not only you or I are facing this danger, but every human being on this planet is facing this danger.

At our hospitals (imagine any hospital in any city) on a daily basis, there are dozens of patients with these resistant bacterial infections. During the course of my PhD, I worked on a single bacterium, and in 2018, there were about 25,000 infections in just one hospital, of which 60-70% were immune. That is, about 65 patients a day come to the hospital because of just one germ. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Germs are all about hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies across the country. All over the world, not millions but billions of dollars are being spent annually in this regard and the global health systems are under severe pressure due to this.

You could say that stress is caused by corona, and all other diseases. You are absolutely right. Let’s go further now, let’s take the example of India. The Corona has wreaked havoc there, but the real reason for the Corona riots is the lack of safety precautions, and the Corona vaccine is available, which is an effective way to protect against the virus. Similarly, for all other diseases, either a vaccine is available or an effective medicine or both. The real problem with bacterial infections is that the drugs become ineffective because of their resistance.

When medicine doesn’t work, what can a doctor, caregiver or nurse do?

There is no vaccine against this immune system, because it is not a specific bacterium like corona, but every bacterium can and does have this ability easily. It means who will be vaccinated against whom and even if it is made, it will not be applied, because if someone starts rubbing the magnet, the bulbs will burn out. Because we trust YouTube, WhatsApp and TickTalk more than doctors and scientists.
Think and be careful