Iman Ali

Iman Ali

Iman Ali, the daughter of legendary Pakistani actor Abid Ali, who is showing off her talent in showbiz and modeling, has suddenly become a topic of discussion on social media. In an interview, Iman Ali said for a psychosis or publicity stunt, “People call me beautiful, but every time I look in the mirror, people seem to be lying. From every angle I look at myself, I think, “Come on, measles.

Beauty Of Transgender

Whatever Iman Ali’s motives may have been, but his controversial statement “worked”. And Iman Ali, who had been out of the news for a long time, was suddenly discussed on electronic and social media. Iman Ali is facing criticism not only from men and women but also from the eunuch community who apologized to Iman Ali for his statement is going.

Everyone is aware of the humiliation and humiliation that eunuchs face in society. We will not mention the difficulties faced by the transgender community here. But eunuchs are also human beings and they too have been created by Allah. Iman Ali and other human beings with similar views must also understand this. It is also a tragedy that different ideas and thoughts have been reserved for eunuchs in society. Eunuchs are generally ridiculed in society and are generally not considered beautiful. Iman Ali may have called himself ugly according to the same ideology. But this is not really the case. There are so many beautiful eunuchs in the eunuch community in Pakistan that Iman Ali will really “fade” in front of them.

Many eunuchs also made statements on social media on Iman Ali’s statement, which immediately went viral. Even a beautiful trans Sarah Gill challenged Iman Ali to meet her if she wanted to see what eunuchs look like.

Mehka Malik

Sarah Gill Khan, who works for transgender rights in Pakistan and has a special place in the eunuch community, commented on Iman Ali’s statement, saying, “Madam, if you are ashamed of your body, it is yours.” Problem is, but why do you think eunuchs are a sign of shame? Meet me so you can see how good and beautiful eunuchs are.

Sarah Gill Khan is also a doctor and has been representing the eunuch community in Pakistan on various platforms since becoming a trans activist. Sarah Gill says that eunuchs are usually ridiculed, but the fact is that eunuchs are well-educated and well-mannered. Good and bad people are everywhere, but instead of making fun of eunuchs and considering them as a sign of shame, we need to understand their feelings and emotions, eunuchs also need to be considered human.

Commenting on Iman Ali’s statement, another trans activist and eunuch model and actress Kami Sid said, “It is okay to be a measles, heterosexual, eunuch because we are all God’s creation and how can we go against it?” Are But I still don’t understand why people are using these terms as insults.

Commenting on Iman Ali’s statement, Rohail Malik alias Senorita, a beautiful transgender dancer from Karachi, said, “Whatever she is and what she thinks about herself is her problem, but what she thinks about transgender people. That’s my business and everyone’s business. Iman Ali’s statement is highly insulting and discriminatory. He should immediately apologize to the transgender community.

Karachi’s beautiful and expert make-up artist Inaya alias Chalbali commented, “This is a very unwise statement. How can Iman Ali compare herself to anyone else, especially to the eunuch community? Eunuchs are more beautiful on the inside than other people.

Iman Ali may also be unaware that the Pakistani eunuch community is now winning world beauty medals. Recently, Shaira Rai, a eunuch from Pakistan, has won the title of “Miss Trans Pakistan.

Iman Ali will also be unfamiliar with eunuch dancer Mehka Malik, whose beauty and dance have thousands of fans in Pakistan.

Iman Ali Sahiba! It is said that beauty is in the human eye. If you are not satisfied with yourself, you should get therapy to remove this complex, but do not try to remove your sense of inferiority by humiliating another community. Here are just a few pictures of transgender people, but there are many more beautiful eunuchs in Pakistan, compared to whom you will really feel inferior. Therefore, remember that the human heart should be more beautiful than outward beauty. Instead of being embarrassed by your physical appearance, focus on your morals. And if possible, accept Dr. Sarah Gill Khan’s challenge and meet with eunuchs so that you can change your mind.