I’m losing weight: how to keep fit using gadgets

Losing weight is still one of the most frequent requests on the Internet. Overweight for many is a big problem that they struggle with all their lives. Modern technologies can come to the rescue. There are many devices available to help you monitor your health. Consider gadgets, apps, and entire ecosystems that help you stay fit.

More than a bracelet
Some of the most popular weight management gadgets are smart bracelets and smart watches. The first such devices were positioned as pedometers. Their functionality was limited to measuring the number of steps taken per day, a clock and an alarm clock. The bracelet is synchronized with a smartphone and transmits statistics to the application, which makes a schedule for a week, month or year. The device helps you set specific goals – for example, increase your activity from five to ten thousand steps a day. If the user sits motionless for a long time, the bracelet can remind you that it is time to get up and warm up.

Today, smart bracelets and smartwatches have many more functions. The gadget, for example, monitors the heart rate: this allows you to make your workouts safer. Modern devices are able to monitor the quality of sleep. The bracelet monitors the night phases and provides helpful advice. If in the morning a person feels overwhelmed and cannot find the strength to run, the sleep monitoring function will offer a solution to the problem. For example, eating more foods with magnesium, avoiding activity and heavy meals before bed.

A function that is relevant for today is the measurement of saturation (oxygen saturation of the blood). Previously, it was needed mainly by climbers who conquer high mountains. In the covid era, such an indicator has become much more significant. For example, a person decided to train despite being sick and coughing. If shortness of breath occurs after physical activity, and the bracelet shows low oxygen saturation, this is a signal to see a doctor. Of course, smart bracelets are not medical devices and cannot be diagnosed using them. But they are still important indicators of well-being.










Muscles separately, bones separately
As a rule, with intense training, a person loses several hundred grams per week. It is almost impossible to visually assess such a result. Therefore, one cannot do without weights. For people who really seriously monitor the weight and condition of the body, smart scales will come to the rescue.

If you stand on a smart scale, then imperceptible electrical impulses will pass through the body. They measure the most important parameters: for example, the level of fluid in the body, bone and muscle mass, visceral fat. These are important metrics that can help guide your diet and exercise plan. In addition, they will help prevent possible health problems. Previously, this information could only be obtained from nutritionists and sports doctors. Smart scales will give out all the information in just a couple of seconds.

A simple example: a losing weight person persists in hard training, but the weight does not change. Smart scales can show that adipose tissue has decreased and muscle tissue has increased. The person will need to change the training plan in order for the fat part to begin to be burned.

If the scale shows a low bone mass and a high total weight, this is a reason to see a doctor. Such data can be an indicator of osteoporosis.

Workout apps
You can track your figure using mobile applications. Most of them are free. However, for a monthly fee, they can provide additional services that expand functionality.

Calorie tracking and diet
You can exercise every day, but if you burn fewer calories than you get, the weight will not go away. It is rather difficult to control and calculate the energy value of products. Special applications greatly simplify this process.

For example, FatSecret allows you to scan a product’s barcode on a package and record its energy value in a daily report. Artificial intelligence can even recognize the name of a dish from a photograph. The app builds daily and weekly reports and recommends effective meal plans.

Training assistance
Regular exercise will greatly speed up the process of losing weight. For effective training, you need to draw up a training plan, monitor the state of the body and adjust the set of exercises. This is usually done by coaches. However, these responsibilities can be transferred to a dedicated app – for example, Nike Run Club, made for runners. The program will draw up a training plan, select the appropriate music, motivate you with achievements, mark the jogging route on the map. In addition, the application allows you to share the results on social networks. With this approach, classes will become much more interesting.

Ecosystem: Collect Them All
Smart watches, fitness bracelets, smart scales can be easily combined into a common ecosystem in special applications. Devices of the same brand can be controlled from a proprietary tool that collects all information about human health. Therefore, when choosing the next gadget, you should pay attention to the manufacturer.

It is most convenient to stick to one brand. However, this does not mean that conventional HONOR scales will not be able to work with Apple or Samsung smartphones. Much depends on the manufacturer. For example, Apple Watch and Iphone are tightly tied to the Apple Fitness + ecosystem.

Modern technologies make it easier to control excess weight and help you lose weight. Developers of gadgets and software offer a wide range of functionality – a choice of diets, sleep and water balance control, professional training complexes. These are essential tools for a person who really wants to get in shape. But losing weight is a complex emotional process, and the result largely depends on self-discipline. If a person cannot overcome himself, then no tools will be useful.