If not Imran Khan then who?

Pakistan’s political climate is changing rapidly. Against the ruling PTI, all opposition parties have agreed on one point: to overthrow the government of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Although opposition parties are not under one umbrella. The coalition of opposition parties, the PDM, does not include the PPP and the Awami National Party. But all parties have agreed on a motion of confidence against the Prime Minister.

Maulana Fazlur Rehman, head of PDM and JUI, has played an important role in bringing PPP and PML-N on one page. It was Maulana Fazlur Rehman who persuaded the PPP and the Muslim League to bring a no-confidence motion against the Prime Minister. The countdown to the no-confidence motion has begun and a no-confidence motion can be moved by the opposition parties at any time.

PPP’s march against inflation has entered Pindi under the leadership of Bilawal Bhutto and is on its way to Islamabad. The political atmosphere in Pindi has intensified ahead of the March entry. On the one hand, the return of political personalities who joined the PTI after being angry with the PPP has started, on the other hand, the angry faction of the PTI has also come to the fore. After Jahangir Tareen, Aleem Khan has also joined the Jahangir Tareen group in Punjab, dissatisfied with the policies of PTI. All this is happening at a time when there is a front against the PTI.

Aleem Khan was angry with Prime Minister Imran Khan for a long time but his character was silent. He sat and watched like a silent spectator. Like Aleem Khan, who supported Imran Khan in the movement from 2013 until he came to power, other activists of the PTI who had become silent characters can also come forward. Aleem Khan has openly stated his heart while joining Jahangir Tareen’s group. He said that Jahangir Tareen was forgotten after coming to power. Now Jahangir Tareen and Aleem Khan have to work out a plan of action for the future but Aleem Khan did not say during the press conference whether he would support the opposition in case of no-confidence motion. Or will this group formulate its own strategy?

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The Jahangir Tareen and Aleem Khan groups have demanded change in Punjab. If Imran Khan does not want to further annoy his old comrades and protect his power, he will have to sacrifice Bazdar. If Imran Khan maintains his position, he will lose an old comrade like Jahangir Tareen.

Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections, but will seek a no-confidence motion. If we look at the political situation in the country, the opposition parties were not ready for the no-confidence motion as Jahangir Tareen went to London and Aleem Khan came out against Imran Khan and no final opinion is being expressed in this regard. After the faction emerged from the PTI, now the opposition is ready to bring a no-confidence motion. Until the opposition parties reach 172 members, the opposition parties will not make the mistake of presenting a motion. That is why after the PPP Long March entered Islamabad and a faction of the PTI split, the opposition also began to see some light.

Prime Minister Imran Khan also has no good intentions regarding the opposition at this time. That’s why he said that if the no-confidence motion fails, they should be prepared for what I will do with them. Now only Imran Khan knows what to do about the failure of the no-confidence motion. The government is not at ease either. Defense Minister Pervez Khattak claims that if the opposition breaks our five members, then we can break ten members of the opposition. The threat to the opposition and the government is from their own members. Despite a majority in the Senate, the opposition could not stop the government from passing legislation. Both the government and the opposition are afraid of the consequences, so the opposition is afraid to bring a no-confidence motion and the government is also afraid to face a no-confidence motion. If the government was trusted, the Prime Minister himself would have taken a vote of confidence from the parliament, but this shows that the government also does not trust its members.

With the emergence of Jahangir Tareen and Aleem Khan group, the faces in PTI who were in PPP have started coming back in PPP. After Nadeem Afzal Chan, those who are angry with PPP are in touch with PPP. Some members of the National Assembly from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are also ready to jump out of the PTI boat.

There are claims of full readiness from both the government and the opposition. Now the main role in this is left to the Q League and MQM. So far, the PML-Q has neither assured the opposition of its cooperation nor the MQM seems to stand aside. Chaudhry Parvez Elahi has advised Prime Minister Imran Khan to take a decision considering the delicacy of the situation. Time is running out. After the group of Aleem Khan and Jahangir Tareen came in front of them, the time has passed.

If the no-confidence motion against the government fails then the government will succeed in completing its five year term and if the opposition movement succeeds then what will be the alternative system of government? Will there be an in-house change? Will it lead to new elections or will it lead to a presidential system after the dissolution of the assemblies? Some PTI sources claim that a referendum on the presidential system could be held if the government does not fulfill its constitutional term. But there is no constitutional provision for a referendum. Everyone’s eyes are on how Pakistani politics will turn out in two to three days.