Ideas for original New Year’s gifts

In the previous article, we collected only the most popular and useful equipment. But what to do when you want to be original and find some special gift? That way! This collection contains gifts that can surprise your addressee. By tradition, we have found many options for any wallet.

For those who are often at home
Homebodies are very convenient in terms of gifts! They will be good at things for organizing space, their own comfort, and surrounding life.

The dawn alarm clock is a cool novelty that will bring the sun to every home. Instead of annoying beeping, the alarm clock turns on the increasing warm backlight, and then adds the singing of birds or the sound of the sea. Ideal for cloudy St. Petersburg and all those people who get up before dawn. This ingenious device gives you a fresh perspective on early awakenings. It can also be used as a stylish night light.

A massage pillow is a must-have for those who work from home and do not always have the opportunity to exercise properly. For freelancers and remodelers, this pillow will help keep a stiff neck or lower back in good shape. It can be applied to any part of the body and relax right at home.

The “Smart House” system is a serious thing, but as a gift it is certainly original. At the same time, you can collect your gift yourself, as far as your desire and budget allow. Looking for a cheaper one – smart sockets for controlling appliances, smart lamps for programming lighting.

Ready to go wild – grab a kit or build your own system. Our series of articles on smart home can help you with this .

Smart home kit Livicom Livi Smart Security 13 699 *
For those who are a child at heart
Playful, creative, lovers of new experiences and experiments! On the one hand, it is difficult with them, because they have probably already tried a bunch of everything. At the same time, such people will be delighted with almost anything.

For example, a VR system for a smartphone. Many have heard of virtual reality glasses, but not everyone has tried it. But it’s simple: you downloaded suitable VR games to your smartphone or opened panoramic videos, put your phone in glasses and immersed yourself in new sensations.

Virtual reality glasses VR Shinecon SC-G04E / SC-B03 2 750 *
The quadcopter opens up a huge field for creative experimentation. A kind of ultra-modern version of a radio-controlled toy, which, moreover, can shoot a gorgeous video or unique photographs. If you are in doubt about the budget, take a simple model with which your recipient can take the first steps in flying a drone. The charge is not kept for long, not the most tenacious, but good for the first experiments.

DJI Mavic Air 2 Quadcopter Gray 80 999 *
A 3D pen is more of a thing for fun and pampering. But with her you can spend a couple of hours interestingly for both a child and an adult. Plastic rods are loaded into it and you can create solid volumetric shapes.










The engraving machine is another custom idea for the creative and the inspired. If your addressee loves to make something with his hands, the engraver will not only delight him, but will become super useful in his work. Drill, clean, grind, polish, work with wood, stone, metal – this compact machine is indispensable for small manual work.

For those who are constantly on the move
Active, restless, in an eternal thirst for new emotions and vivid impressions. They play sports, love travel, walks and new places. And you can support their interests.

In the last article, we already recommended action cameras. If your addressee already has it, you can find a non-standard mount for it. For example, a handlebar or bicycle mount, an underwater float, or a sled that can be attached to any helmet and removed in first person view.

Case, head / helmet mount, monopod – float GoPro Adventure Kit AKTES-001
And the most useful thing for an action camera is a stabilizer to keep the frame smooth in any situation. The main thing is to know exactly the brand of the action camera, so that the chosen accessories fit it.

A fitness bracelet may not be so original on its own, but it will help you take care of your athletic and active friend. Especially if he, for example, is just getting on the path of a healthy lifestyle and is still counting the steps on the built-in application in the smartphone.

Fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4
A backpack and a thermos are indispensable companions for an active lifestyle. Especially if it is an “indestructible” backpack, cut-resistant and anti-theft, and a high-quality thermos that keeps the temperature for about a day.

If your gamer for some reason has not given himself Cyberpunk 2077 – New Year is an ideal occasion! True, you most likely will not see your friend for a long time.

If he already has the game of the year, then you can stop thinking for a long time and donate an annual subscription to the PlayStation or Xbox game services, depending on the console you need. And let the gamer choose the best games to his liking.

The racing wheel will be appreciated by racing enthusiasts – the most realistic feeling! If you are not sure which hardware the addressee will connect the steering wheel to, take a universal model with maximum compatibility.

For those who love to cook
It is difficult to surprise gourmets and culinary specialists, their main toolkit is a stove and an oven. But if your person loves new experiments, then we have something interesting.

Sous-vid is some kind of exorbitant level of cuisine. With it, you can prepare the most modern restaurant dishes, preserving all the useful properties of the products. New tastes, textures and consistencies, new recipes and experiences in the kitchen.

The vacuum sealer is still not very popular in our kitchens, although it is a very useful thing. Especially for those who cook a lot at once, make preparations or like to go on picnics or long trips and take food with them. Anything can be packaged for safe and long-term storage, be it sausage or borscht. And don’t forget to grab the packages for work right away!

Fondue set – for culinary experimenters. Especially for those who like to surprise their guests. The set contains everything for cooking – a cooking container, a burner, an elegant stand and metal forks. Effective and interesting!