How to watch out for pets while you are away

Some install cameras at home and outside to protect themselves from thieves, while others – from gnawed shoes. Yes, we are talking about pet tracking. What does your puppy do while you are not at home, how exactly does a cat get to treats in a closed closet, does your dog whine alone or sleep diligently in the hallway? Remote video surveillance will help you calmly leave home without worrying about your beloved pet. In this article, we select the easiest and fastest ways to keep track of pets.

Smartphone surveillance
For this method, you only need an additional smartphone. For example, an old phone that you have not used for a long time will do. He must have a working battery and a camera, nothing else is needed. Unless you download an application that literally turns your smartphone into a security camera. For example, Alfred is an intuitive and user-friendly remote tracking application via a smartphone.

When installed, Alfred synchronizes your two devices with each other – one works in camera mode, the other in monitor mode. Alfred also has a motion tracking system – and, according to reviews, it is quite accurate – and alerts about what is happening in the house. There is two-way voice communication – you can talk to your pet and, for example, calm him down with your voice. There is an option to dim the screen to save energy.

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The whole process of setting up tracking takes five minutes: download the application on both smartphones, synchronize them with each other, leave the smartphone in camera mode at home and that’s it, go about your business. Naturally, your smartphone camera must be connected to the internet. At any time, you can watch the broadcast from home, not only from your smartphone, but also from any computer connected to the Internet.

You can download the application for Android and iOS . An alternative application with similar functionality is WardenCam360.

It can be installed anywhere in the apartment and can be monitored anywhere.
You only need an old smartphone, you don’t need to buy anything extra.
The smartphone works in continuous mode and requires constant recharging.
Limited viewing angles.
The smartphone may freeze, turn off, and then the broadcast will be interrupted.
The observer smartphone will require constant recharging. In order not to wear out the battery too quickly, you can purchase a smart socket with a timer and set it to turn on, for example, once an hour. This will reduce the load on your smartphone.

Computer monitoring
If you don’t have an old smartphone or you feel sorry for overloading its battery with continuous work, you can load your computer. Both a stationary PC and a laptop will do. Although a laptop in our business is much more convenient – it can be installed in the place from which the best view into the room opens. But the pet can get to the device, throw it off the table, run over the keyboard, or, worse, chew. Therefore, we recommend that you either look for a laptop in a place that is maximally protected from a curious animal, or use an old laptop, which is not a pity.

For the most basic remote monitoring through a computer, we will use ordinary instant messengers. And here the good old Skype comes in handy. You can’t just call yourself on Skype. But you can create a second account. So, create another Skype account for your pet and connect it on your home computer-camera. In the settings, be sure to set the automatic answer to calls.

Now, before leaving, you only need to turn on your computer, open Skype and that’s it. At any time you need, you can call yourself at home and see what is happening there. You can also talk to your pet or, conversely, turn off the voice communication so as not to frighten him with unnecessary sounds.

If you decide to organize communication via a stationary PC, do not forget that you will need a working webcam .

The laptop is in a vulnerable position – constantly open, working and not very high from the animal to capture the view of the room. If your pet is active and curious, it can get to technology.
Limited viewing angles.
Constant broadcasting is very inconvenient. No tracking alert system. Therefore, you will have to periodically call and independently check what is happening at home.
Another option is streaming platforms like Twitch. While some are watching Dota streams, you will be watching a stream about your dog!

IP camera
Here you will have to spend a little by purchasing a separate camera. But an IP camera is not as expensive as a smartphone or laptop, and your pet will have less interest in it. It is easier to disguise it, fix it, and it will endure animal terrorism clearly easier than a fragile laptop keyboard or matrix. If you don’t want to bother with installation and connection at all, take the wireless model with a Wi-fi connection.

The most convenient models for our purpose are those with a swivel screen, which is remotely controlled via a smartphone, a built-in microphone and a sound transmitter.

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A programmable motion sensor will also be useful. If you just connect a tracking module, the camera will continuously send you notifications about the movement of the animal around the room. But you can set it up for certain areas where the pet should not be. For example, in the kitchen area, on the bed and in other forbidden places. With the option of voice communication, you will be able to communicate with the pet and, possibly, prevent its sabotage.

Night photography is useful if you are going to leave for a long time, for example, a cat that has a habit of freaking out at night.

IP cameras have much higher viewing angles, better image capture and a bunch of convenient options like the same rotating screen and a notification system for a smartphone. You don’t need to be in the stream continuously – the camera will inform you when something goes wrong.