How to use the Spotify service

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On July 15, 2020, the popular music streaming service Spotify was launched in Russia. Let’s see how to use it and what interesting features it has.

First you need to go to the Spotify website or download the application on your device – smartphone, tablet, TV or game console. The easiest way is to log in with your Facebook account. In this case, you do not need to enter your email address, confirm it, and so on. The service will take all the necessary data for registration from the social network.

By default, after logging in, you are connected to a free subscription, which has a number of limitations. The most important: the bitrate of the tracks is limited to 160 kbps, it is allowed to skip only six tracks per hour and the presence of advertising. Therefore, the service will begin to strongly recommend a premium subscription.

New users are offered to use Spotify for three months for free. But for this, you first need to register a premium account, indicating your payment information – card number or PayPal. After you subscribe, all the features of the service are unlocked. Money from the card will automatically be debited for the first time in three months. Then they will be charged monthly.

If you do not want to use the service in the future or against payment in automatic mode, the subscription can be disabled. To do this, you need to go to the Spotify website in your account. In the “My plan” section, select “Change plan” and go to the “Free version” item. There, select “Cancel Premium Subscription”. If necessary, it can be restored later.

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After you have entered the service, it immediately starts trying to adapt to you. To do this, he needs to help him by indicating which bands you like so that Spotify will form the first My Mix playlists. Then you listen to them, put likes on what you liked and the service will gradually figure out what you like and what to offer to a particular user.

Spotify app settings
When you start using Spotify on your mobile device, be sure to check out the settings section. In the application settings you can set:

Traffic saving mode, if required.
Play tracks without gaps, with pauses or smooth transitions.
The same volume level for different tracks and its optimal level.
Music quality online and for download. You can choose from “Low” to “Very High” depending on the amount of data and memory you have on your device.

All functions are turned on or off using sliders or drop-down menus if there are multiple items to choose from, as is the case with sound quality.

Interesting Features
Spotify has several interesting features that make using the service more convenient and interesting.

How to find out more about an artist on Spotify
Imagine a situation. You’re listening to a track in a mix made by Spotify, and you liked it so much that you wanted to know more about the artist. How to do it?

Tap on the artist’s name and their profile will open. In it you will see:

Average listen statistics per month.
List of the most popular tracks.
New releases.
All released albums and singles.
Information about the artist – biography, photos, links to accounts in social networks. It is located at the bottom of the page, first you need to scroll through all the albums and lists of popular tunes.
Schedule of concerts and links to goods with symbols of a musician or band.
How to start radio by playlist or track in Spotify
Liked a song, hit on a successful playlist or artist and now want to listen to something else in the same style?

Tap on the icon in the form of “three dots” in the right corner or next to the track, and then select “Turn on album radio” from the menu that appears.

A smart algorithm will pick up a playlist in the same style for several hours.

How to share an interesting track with a Spotify code
Did you like some track and want to share it with your friends? You can do this in two ways:

With a link. In this case, you will use Spotify to copy the link to the track and send it via social network, messenger or SMS.
With a Spotify code. With group mailing, it’s easier. In the settings of each track in the corresponding picture there is a code. If your friend is near you, they can scan it by going to the search section of their Spotify app and clicking on the camera icon.

If you want to send the code to your friends, then take a screenshot of the screen with the code and send it in any convenient way. Your friend will scan the screenshot and listen to an interesting track.

How to Find Lyrics on Spotify and Sing Along to Your Favorite Artist
Many people like to sing along to their favorite artists or look for the words to their favorite song. At Spotify, this feature is currently being developed in collaboration with the Genius project and is not available for all tracks.

If the lyrics are available for viewing, they can be found under the player control buttons by scrolling down on your smartphone.

For some tracks, information about the history of creation and interesting facts is also available. But so far this function has been implemented for a limited number of melodies and only in English.

How to play music on another device via Spotify Connect
An interesting Spotify Connect feature allows you to control playback by transferring it from one device to another within your local network.

Using Connect, you can start a track on your smartphone, then reassign its playback, for example, to a TV with a connected soundbar and listen to music on large speakers, controlling the switching from your smartphone, using it as a remote control.

Group sessions are a further development of this feature. When you start a group session, you get a Spotify code and a regular social media link. By scanning the code or clicking on the link, your friends connect to the playing playlist and listen to the same music as you.

All users connected to the session can listen to the music you have launched on their device or control the playback of tracks on your gadget.

How to link navigation through Google Maps and Spotify
We spend a significant part of our time in transport. And what do drivers do while they are stuck in traffic jams? That’s right, listen to music. With Spotify, this is very convenient, as you can link Google Maps and the music application and control playback directly from the navigator.

To do this, in the Google Maps settings in the “Navigation Settings” section, turn on the “Playback Control” slider and select the Spotify application in the pop-up window. Spotify will ask you for permission to manage your account from a third party app. Give your consent, after which the music player will be integrated into the navigator.

Now, after you enable Google Maps navigation, there will be a circle with the Spotify icon on the right side. When you tap on it, below, under the window with the map, the player control panel appears. As a result, you can control playback without leaving the navigation app. Here is such a useful integration of a popular service.