How to use a steam generator: secrets and life hacks

Ironing technologies are constantly being improved. Maybe their development is not as fast and intensive as, for example, the evolution of mobile devices, but the process is noticeable even with the naked eye. The trend of recent years is a gradual transition from classic irons to their more advanced “fellow tribesmen” – steam generators. It is they who are preferred by an increasing number of housewives, thanks to which life hacks have already appeared for a more rational use of steam generators.

Stop sorting your laundry
Before ironing, it is necessary to pre-sort the laundry according to the type of fabric, in order to then start at low temperatures intended for delicate fabrics (silk, viscose, linen, wool, etc.). The logic is simple: it is easier to gradually heat the iron to a higher temperature than to cool it down quickly for the next batch of laundry.

However, steam generators , as a rule, do not require laundry sorting, since most of them have built-in sole temperature control systems. The main effect on the fabric occurs by the sole itself, and by streams of steam supplied from the boiler to the nozzles at a certain speed. The steam temperature is fairly stable. It is in the range of 110-160 ° C, which, by definition, will not allow the fibers of the processed fabrics to overheat.

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Steam generators are considered to be the most efficient, supplying about 120-150 grams of steam per minute to the surface to be treated.

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Fold your laundry before ironing
The steam generator significantly speeds up the ironing process, not only due to the fact that

it is no longer necessary to sort the laundry, but also due to the high penetrating power of steam and a sufficiently high pressure. Thanks to this, the hostess will be able to iron several layers of linen at once. For example, a regular sheet or duvet cover can be folded neatly, and then processed in one pass, which significantly saves time and effort.

The key parameter that affects the ability to iron several layers at once is the strength of the steam shock. The higher it is, the denser fabrics can be ironed in one pass. The optimal value of steam boost is considered to be 350 g / min or more.

Smooth heavily dry laundry
The hostess, who does not keep track of the drying laundry, has to pre-moisten the fabric with a spray bottle, and then iron it, making significant efforts to smooth out the resulting “creases”. In general, ironing overdried laundry is a troublesome and unpleasant process.

As a rule, modern irons include a steaming system, but the water container is rather small, so if the batch of dry laundry turns out to be large, the water supply will often have to be replenished.

Steam generators are free from this disadvantage. They generate a large amount of steam, which penetrates the fibers of the fabric, moisturizing and straightening them, and the process itself takes much less time.

Do not leave wet stains on clothes
Irons dry fabrics, while when processing with a steam generator, you can encounter the opposite effect – wet spots appear on the laundry. This is due to excessive moisture. Moisture passes through the fabric and collects on the surface of the ironing board.

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To avoid this, place a thin layer of felt under the ironing board cover, or use an ironing board with a perforated base made of metal or plastic. This will prevent condensation from forming on its surface.

Steam sophisticated garments
The steam generator simplifies the smoothing of complex trim elements (lace, frills, ruffles). If you put these items on an ironing board, the decorative items will crumple under the weight of the iron. Steam generators are able to steam things vertically, just hang them on a hanger. Extreme care should be taken when steaming nylon and rayon-based fabrics. As a rule, the heat treatment process is contraindicated for them.

Before steaming delicate fabrics for the first time, you need to carefully study the manufacturer’s label to understand if these products can be ironed.

Refresh Quickly Crumpled Items
Vertical steaming is used to freshen things up quickly. This procedure is suitable for garments that require maintenance between washes. So, steam treatment is simply necessary for products made from rapidly wrinkling fabrics (linen, silk, cambric). It will allow, without resorting to washing, to return things to a neat look and remove odors without disturbing the structure of delicate fabrics.

Smooth out the curtains effortlessly
If you iron the curtains, the part hanging from the ironing board may shrink back. The steam generator can steam off curtains and curtains that have already been installed. This is not difficult with a long hose. Do not forget that for effective processing of curtains made of dense fabric, devices with high values ​​of the steam supply rate and steam boost will be required.

Although, for the sake of objectivity, steam cleaners are more suitable for these purposes . Their working unit is somewhat lighter and can be equipped with replaceable attachments. In addition, the steam cleaner is much more comfortable in the hand.

Steam generator Bosch TDS6530 white 19 999 *
Arrange a cleaning of jackets, down jackets and fur coats
Steam generators help save time and effort in caring for things that are highly discouraged to wash and iron yourself. But with the help of a steam generator, you can return them to their original gloss at home.

Dry cleaners are used not only to remove dirt from clothes, but also to iron things like jackets or down jackets professionally. Dealing with them at home can be tricky. The same applies to the care of fur coats and other fur products. By periodically treating down jackets and fur products with steam, you will significantly extend their life, “fluff” them, and at the same time save them from unpleasant odors. In addition, hot steam treatment will save fur coats from the appearance of moths, and down jackets from dust mites.

Give up fabric softeners
The steam generator eliminates the need for fabric softeners, since their main task is to soften the fabric and simplify the ironing process. Part of the conditioner remains in the fabric, giving it a fresh scent and softness. However, fabric softener can cause allergies or skin irritation, and even hypoallergenic formulations are not suitable for everyone. Meanwhile, hot steam effectively smoothes and softens fabrics without additional conditioning.

Disinfect tissues
In addition to the aesthetic component, the processing of clothes with high temperatures also has a medical rationale. It is an effective means of fighting various allergens, viruses, microbes and other parasites that live on the surface of clothing. It is for medical reasons that it is recommended to regularly iron clothes (especially children’s). Steam heated to 110-160 ° C will do this much faster and more efficiently.

Steam generator Braun IS5022WH white 19 599 *
Treat carpets and textile upholstery
Processing carpets and upholstered furniture is not quite a standard job for a steam generator. But you will refresh the coating, fluff up the pile, and at the same time disinfect it, getting rid of the main scourge of modern dwellings – the dust mite.

Steam treatment removes most irritants. If you do it regularly, it won’t take long.

Wash the windows
For this task, the vertical steaming mode is again useful. If you want to remove stubborn dirt on the window, simply direct a jet of steam at it. This will significantly speed up the process of washing glasses, which, for example, spent the whole winter without cleaning. Most likely, after steaming, you only need to wipe the stain with a sponge. Observe precautions: do not direct hot steam at cracked or otherwise damaged glass. Do not bring the steam generator socket too close to glass and plastic frames. Finally, do not apply pressure to glass that has been treated with hot steam. They can simply burst.

Steam the wallpaper before repairing
If you’ve done renovations before, you know how difficult it is at times to remove the previous layer of wallpaper. One awkward movement – and the putty flies off in pieces. In this case, you will have to not only re-glue the wallpaper, but also putty the wall again. This can be avoided by steaming the wallpaper first.

When the old glue is wet, it will be much easier to separate the wallpaper from the wall. Construction dust after steaming will also be less than if you removed the old wallpaper “dry”. For such work, special wallpaper steamers are sold, but you are unlikely to need them, unless, of course, you plan to slightly refresh your house, and not make a living by renovating.