How to stream games

The rapid development of the Internet has had a huge impact on the gaming industry. Those who like to play from computer clubs (remember those?) Smoothly moved into a home environment – now it was possible to play from home. Online broadcasts have replaced the recordings of professional players’ games. In them, the user can not only observe what is happening in real time, being on the other side of the planet, but also talk with the streamer. And if you wish, create your own individual channel.

What programs are required for streaming on a PC
To conduct broadcasts, you will need an account with a unique nickname. Thanks to it, your future viewers will be able to easily find you in the large mass of streaming channels. You can register and configure the basic parameters of the channel on the corresponding page in the browser , but it is much more convenient to manage the stream using a special application. By installing the Twitch app , you get access to streaming, chatting with friends, and browsing history.

In addition to the nickname, you can change the profile picture, banner and brief information about the channel owner. You can adjust the notifications you receive, link game accounts, as well as important security and privacy settings.

They, in turn, allow you to change your password, block messages from unwanted users, and manage two-factor authentication. Next, we will consider the programs directly responsible for broadcasting to various resources.

Streamlabs OBS
Streamlabs OBS is a kind of “pinnacle” in the development of the popular Open Broadcaster Software application . Streamlabs OBS has extensive functionality, user-friendly interface and, importantly, it’s free.

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After installing the application, we find ourselves in the main window of the program, which is divided into several segments. All the main tools are literally at hand – the displayed stream window, broadcast chat, sound settings and the game application used.

You can broadcast predefined games or everything that happens on the screen. On top of the displayed game, you can place an image or slideshow that will serve as an advertisement or hide the game chat from viewers. The user can choose from dozens of different stream themes. There are ready-made templates for widgets and notifications. With a little fantasy, you can create a unique channel where every action on the stream will be accompanied by a thematic image. This can be both donate alerts and the display of new followers and paid subscribers.

XSplit Gamecaster
There are two popular versions of XSplit streaming software – XSplit Gamecaster and XSplit Broadcaster . For game broadcasts, the Gamecaster is better suited.

Broadcaster has more functionality, but it is also a little more difficult to master. Broadcaster is a good option if you’ve outgrown Gamecaster and are ready for more in-depth streaming.

After installation, the program will offer to connect to one of the platforms and proceed with the initial setup of the stream. We are asked to choose the source of the stream:

Next, configure the camera and sound devices. After completing the configuration, the main program window will appear.

Various sets and scenes are available for editing. You can set the delay of the stream in seconds before showing it. There is also a keyboard shortcut setting to create combinations for conveniently turning on / off the microphone, starting recording and system sound. The user can choose from numerous game overlays and devices responsible for decoding video for streaming your favorite games.

How to stream from PlayStation with built-in capability and Twitch
Today’s game consoles already have built-in streaming capabilities and make it easy to set up streaming. All you need is an active Twitch account. For the best “picture”, you can use special devices – video capture cards, they are applicable not only for consoles, but also for PCs. To stream from PlayStation 4, you need to follow a few simple steps:

Pressing the “Share” button on the gamepad, go to the settings and select the item “Sharing and impressions”;
In the “Display settings” tab, select “Additional settings”, then adjust the required parameters;
Having adjusted the settings, we return to the main menu and select the “Show game” section;
We activate the account and click the “Start Show” button.

You need to link your Twitch account to the Playstation Network;
After starting the game, press the “Create” button on the controller and select “Broadcast” → “Twitch” in the menu;
Customize the items displayed on the screen and select Go Live.

To stop the broadcast, press the “Create” button again, select “Broadcast” from the menu, and then “Stop broadcast”. If you have previously linked accounts, and now changed the console to the latest model, then they will also be linked.

How to stream from Xbox with native capability and Twitch
To stream from Microsoft consoles, you will need to download the free Twitch app. To do this, press the “Xbox” button on the controller, select “Store → Applications”, find the application we need and install. After installation, it remains to complete a few steps to configure:

Press the “Xbox” button and select “My games and applications → View all → Applications”;
Click on the Twitch tab and link your account;
In the “Broadcast” tab, set the parameters we need (name, language, resolution, etc.) and click on the “Start streaming” item;
It remains to select the broadcast game, for this we press the “Xbox” button and select “My games and applications → View all → Games”.

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To turn off the broadcast, just restart the Twitch app and click on the “End streaming” item.

Optional equipment
You don’t have to have a very powerful PC and top-end peripherals to start streaming your favorite game. For most games, an average gaming computer will suffice. To retain and increase the audience of a stream, not only the game component is important, but, of course, communication. It’s always more interesting to watch a live feed with feedback, when a streamer answers questions, rather than silently playing, isn’t it? Therefore, additional peripherals are needed: a microphone, headphones and a webcam.

If you are just a beginner streamer, simple devices are enough. The main goal pursued is the comfort of your viewers. Those. lack of extraneous noise, acceptable background and picture quality. These simple conditions will allow you not only to enjoy the game, but at the same time share your ideas and experiences with the viewers of your stream.