How to set a New Year’s table in half an hour

Do you like to chop salads and cook jellied meat for the New Year for several days in a row? You will not be enough for all the guests, and by the evening of December 31 there is no longer any strength to celebrate. I want to finally eat and for it all to end. If you are one of those who hate all this New Year’s kitchen bustle – you are here. We have collected, probably, all kitchen appliances that can help you great in cooking.

Organize your kitchen time correctly
Remember Gordon Ramsay with his “Hell’s Kitchen”, where the participants cook as if they were established, and are spurred on by the screams of a mad chef? This is not necessary. But on the other hand, you can take on board a few simple kitchen rules that reduce cooking time:

Boil all vegetables beforehand . All these salad ingredients take a long time to cook, and it is inconvenient to leave boiling potatoes on Olivier on the last day. But boiled potatoes in their uniforms can easily live in your refrigerator for several days. Therefore, boil all the vegetables in advance and put them in the refrigerator until the “X-hour”.
Freeze everything that cannot be left in the refrigerator beforehand . Many bake cakes, muffins, pies or make dumplings for the New Year. At the same time, baking itself is a quick process, but making the dough is long and messy. All types of dough, except for liquid biscuit, can be frozen. Moreover, it will lie perfectly in the freezer for a couple of weeks. Likewise, you can pre-make and freeze cake cream, ganache, frosting, and even toppings. It is important that you have a good No Frost freezer without excess moisture with a temperature of -18 degrees. And, of course, you need to carefully pack all the products. Then, when defrosting, the food will retain its texture, and will not creep into porridge and will not be saturated with moisture.
Anything that takes a long time to prepare – put it right away . Some recipes cannot be handled by any accelerator kitchen appliance. The same jellied meat will cook for more than one hour, so put it on right away, and at this time do other things yourself. By combining several kitchen operations at the same time, you can save a lot of time and effort.

Cover the table with cling film . Intermediate cleaning during a kitchen mess takes up a lot of energy. Washing the table from the same flour is an unpleasant business. To avoid all this – spread cling film in the dirty area. At the end of the work, the film can be carefully collected into a ball and discarded, leaving a completely clean table. This is not the most environmentally friendly life hack, but you can use such a cheat code once a year.
Boil water in a kettle . If you have a lot of cooking ahead of you, there is no need to hypnotize the pot while waiting for the water to boil. Your ordinary electric kettle will cope with this several times faster, and you just have to pour boiling water into a saucepan.
Prepare your workplace right away . It is better to spend a couple of minutes, strain your brain and remember in advance everything that you will need now for cooking. Immediately remove and place all the necessary pots, boards, knives and food in close proximity. Then you will not have to run ten times through the entire kitchen and, moreover, then wash the kitchen set, which you smear with dirty hands in the heat of cooking.













Sharpen your knives . Trite, but true. And not December 31, but right now, pick up a knife sharpener and read this article, rubbing the blade against the abrasive. A sharp knife will save your nerves and time.

Okay, we have nourished ourselves with the power of kitchen ninjas, overlaid with saucepans, got all the boiled vegetables and are ready for battle. Here’s what can help us overcome the New Year’s feast with little loss.

Kitchen machine
In general, a kitchen machine is an indispensable assistant for everyone who cooks often and for a large company. Especially if you also have a vegetable garden and seasonal harvesting is not alien to you. This device is a real kitchen orchestra. It contains several different devices at once, but the functionality differs depending on the model. A kitchen machine can have a planetary mixer, a juicer, a stationary blender, a meat grinder, and even an ice cream maker. On New Years, the shredder will help you the most. He will be able to crumble ingredients for salads, filling for pies in a second. Choose devices with as many attachments as possible: dicing, grating, shredding, slicing, slicing for fries.

However, a kitchen machine can be too serious a purchase right now, when the budget is already bursting with gifts. You can find more budgetary devices with mono functions.

This simple appliance is like a tiny circular saw in your kitchen. And he can quickly chop the sausage into perfect, even, thin, translucent slices. Just like the ones that are beautifully packaged in the supermarket and cost one and a half times more than a regular stick of sausage. By the way, this saves not only time, but also sausages. And not only her: cheese, fruits, vegetables, ready-made meat – you can cut anything you want. And it will come in handy not only in classic sliced ​​plates, but also for mini-snacks, salads, and decorating dishes.

Another mono device that replaces a hand grater, although it looks like a meat grinder. The functionality is clear: put a piece of Parmesan for a festive pizza into the receiver, turn on the button and … that’s it! Watch how the cheese crumb is quickly poured into the plate. Washing an electric grater is no more difficult than a regular one, but in everyday life it will save many of your recipes.

You can’t call it a super-fast device. It often takes even longer for food to cook in it than on a conventional stove. But the multicooker has one huge plus in our case – there is no need to follow the cooking at all. Your task is only to throw the ingredients into the bowl, close the lid, set the appropriate program and that’s it – you can do other recipes or relax. At the same time, multicooker can do a lot: boil porridge (the same rice for pies), stew stew, bake a pie, boil soup and a couple of dozen other recipes.

An unambiguous must-have for those who cannot imagine a feast without homemade cutlets, sausages, dumplings and solid meat dishes. Many of us may remember how we once helped mothers and grandmothers grind meat in a hand grater. This process took several hours and provoked more than one portion of selected abuse, when another piece of meat got stuck in the neck of the meat grinder, or the veins were wound around the shaft. The electric meat grinder is designed to get rid of this post-Soviet suffering. It makes a noise like a small tractor, but it grinds the meat along with the veins and nothing gets stuck anywhere. You can process a few pounds of meat in about ten minutes.

Surely, you have it at home. But if not, we strongly recommend giving it to yourself for the New Year. The microwave isn’t just about warming up soup for lunch. During cooking, the microwave will cut the time in a bunch of culinary operations. Melt the butter or chocolate for the cake in three minutes and do not bother installing a water bath on the stove. Defrost a piece of meat that you, of course, forgot to get in advance. Brown the food under the grill, which heats up faster than in the oven. Bring the julienne or stew to readiness quickly. Reheat hot appetizers before serving. Even the simplest and most budgetary microwave oven helps a lot in the kitchen.

And if you have a model with full cooking functions, automatic programs and convection, then this is the second oven. And while pies are rising on a large baking sheet in the oven, potatoes or chicken can be baked in the microwave.