How to quickly and easily make homemade preparations for the winter

Tomatoes, cucumbers, sauerkraut, pickles and preserves – in winter, the body is happy with any summer treat, especially if it’s all from its own garden. Since the time when our great-grandmothers rolled cucumbers and tomatoes with the good old methods, many new devices, methods and recipes have appeared for preserving the harvest. In this article we will figure out which kitchen appliances will speed up the process and save you from unnecessary work.


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Irreplaceable assistant to the hostess when you need to chop something into small pieces or make mashed potatoes. A blender is useful for creating a huge number of various blanks for the winter. Make berry sorbet or tomato paste, chop greens, prepare fruit for jam cooking. All this is subject to one device. It is better if the set includes several glasses, different knives and a dipping nozzle.

Food processor

Another great invention that helps you quickly make your homework. A food processor is a more powerful and serious machine than a blender. Using a grater or slicer, you can chop onions, carrots, beets, mushrooms, and any other vegetables to freeze soups and roasts, for example. Due to the large volume of the bowl, several kilograms of usefulness can be prepared at a time. Food processors differ from each other in the number of auxiliary elements – bowls of different sizes, knives, graters. There are models combined with a meat grinder. Choose a package to cover as much of the crop as possible.

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For preservation, vegetables and fruits must be pasteurized. A multicooker can play the role of a pasteurizer instead of a saucepan. It can be used to pasteurize yoghurt, baby food, canning. The multicooker is great for preparing cucumber and tomato salads, zucchini, cabbage and carrots, sweet and bitter peppers, lecho, jams, adjika, borscht. Fans of meat dishes can delight themselves with dozens of stewed meat recipes or delicious jellied meat. It is desirable that the multicooker has a pressure cooker mode – it will speed up the process of creating winter blanks.

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Use different bowls for cooking meat products, vegetables, fruit and pasteurization, otherwise the workpieces may acquire foreign tastes and odors.

Electric ovens

The oven is suitable not only for cooking, but also helps with preparation. At a temperature of 150 degrees, jars and lids will become sterile – this is necessary so that the preservation is stored for a long time and does not deteriorate. For a container with a volume of 500 milliliters, 10 minutes is enough, for a liter can – 15 minutes.

When sterilizing cans in the oven, several rules must be followed:

If you are going to place salads in the jar, let the containers cool slightly.
Do not touch a heated jar with cold or wet oven mitts – the glass may break.
After sterilization, do not close the jars with the lid, otherwise condensation may form in them.
Don’t reuse the lids – they won’t hold as well.
If there are chips on the neck of the can, then the preservation will deteriorate, since air will enter through the damage.

Microwave oven DEXP MS-71 black 4 199 *
Perhaps this will come as a surprise to you, but microwave ovens hold an absolute record for sterilization speed – 2-3 minutes for one batch of half-liter containers. The only drawback is the small capacity compared to an oven or multicooker. Even the largest microwave ovens cannot hold tall cans, except horizontally. Otherwise, the microwave will give odds to any other electrical appliance. In addition, you can cook delicious sun-dried tomatoes in it.

My tomatoes and cut in half, if the fruits are large – in quarters. We remove the seeds.
In a deep bowl, mix the tomato slices with oil and spices.
Then we lay out the slices tightly in one layer on a flat plate with sides.
We put the dish in the microwave oven, set the maximum power and the timer for 5 minutes. After the signal, we leave the tomatoes to “rest” for 10 minutes without opening the microwave.
Then we take out the dish and pour the released juice into a glass or jar. We put the tomatoes back for another 3 minutes, then let them “rest” for two more.
In a sterile jar, evenly spread the tomatoes and peeled garlic, and then fill in the juice that was drained earlier.
Close the lid tightly and put the jar in the refrigerator. Tomatoes are ready in 12 hours, but you can leave them until winter.
This household appliance needs no introduction. Using the freezer of an ordinary refrigerator or a separate freezer cabinet, you can freeze fresh berries, rich broth, tomatoes, herbs and anything else you want.

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Dry freezing method – fruits must be washed and dried, then evenly placed on trays and placed in a chamber with a temperature of -18 ° to -23 ° C. If there are no special trays, you can separate the layers with paper. After a day, the contents of the trays are poured into bags for long-term storage.

Slow freezing – put the washed berries in bags and place them in a freezer with a temperature of -8 ° C. The less berries in the package, the faster the liquid freezes in them, it is advisable not to exceed the shelf life of 6 months.

Super freezing – modern models have a super freezing chamber for food with a temperature from -23 ° to -43 ° C. The faster the berry is frozen, the more appetizing and fresher it looks after defrosting.

To add fresh berries and fruits to the porridge, they must be cut and filled with syrup – ½ water with sugar. The resulting mixture is frozen at -20 ° C.

Fruit dryer

With the help of even the most simple models of electric dryers, you can prepare strawberries, mushrooms, apples, tomatoes, garlic, bay leaves and much more. In winter, you can experiment with exotic fruits from the supermarket: kiwi, bananas, oranges. Considering the cost of the unit, this is the cheapest, fastest and easiest way to make homework.

Dryer for vegetables and fruits Kitfort KT-1907 white 10 999 *
Models from 450 watts are slightly more expensive and, in addition to mushrooms and fruits, can prepare meat, fish and other seafood for long-term storage. The more expensive models have a timer and programs that determine the optimal operating time of the device. When using a fruit dryer, keep in mind that all ingredients must be the same thickness and moisture to dry evenly.


Vacuum sealer Kitfort KT-1502-2 5 199 *
A great tool for making blanks for long-term storage. The vacuum device is suitable for those who do not like pickles and jams. The vacuum bag takes up a minimum of space in the refrigerator and keeps the product fresh for up to a year – bacteria do not spread in an airless environment. Anything can be evacuated. Do not forget to stock up on sachets, since small packaging is more convenient – you can defrost a couple of pieces of fish for dinner or a handful of berries for porridge. If you open a large bag, then you need to use everything so that the food does not go bad. For maximum shelf life, the temperature in the freezer should not exceed -12 ° C.

You have at your disposal a dozen household appliances – familiar and not so much. With their help, you can preserve hundreds of delicious dishes, dry half of the garden harvest, and make jams and compotes from the rest. It remains only to find the strength to prepare everything for the future.